PS5 throws a list of these anticipated video games which are yet to launch

PS5 throws a list of the most anticipated games that are going to be released soon!

Good games are hard to come by, especially when choosing them based on action sequence and a good storyline.

Many high-profile games are teased during the E3 2021, but there is bad news for fans looking out for the releases. In the next six months, PS5 has announced that they are working with all the big production houses as they will release more titles that are coming back for hungry gaming fans.

It can be really deceptive when it comes to trailers because only snippets from the games are taken and only the best portions. So if a game takes about one whole day to be finished, only the right scenes, the best combat, and some additional cut scenes are included in the trailer.

Here is a rundown of some of the most anticipated games that will make a name that is slated to publish throughout the year.

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