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PS5 Update: Sony reveals more details about the upcoming PlayStation 5


The mystery surrounding the much-awaited PlayStation 5 (PS5) is slowly being unraveled as Sony updates its PS5 official website.

The PS5 website updates were revealed by the company during last week’s Road to PS5 stream.

Previously, Sony reiterated that the company is unable to reveal exact details regarding the next-generation console but the recent update now includes vital information that was first mentioned by the company on their livestream.

The updated website now includes technological details regarding the PlayStation 5 – particularly its ultra high-speed SSD, highly-immersive 3D audio, integrated custom I/O system, and custom AMD GPU with ray tracing.

News of the website’s existence originated in a Reddit post and while developers had given insights as to how powerful the console would be once released, the world still has no idea how it would look like and how much it would cost.

Last month, Sony admitted that there is still no definite price tag for the PS5.

According to the company, prices will be dependent on how much promotion it will be doing as well as the competition in the market at the time.

Regardless, the PS5 is sure to be a treat for gamers, developers, and tech enthusiasts alike.

The PS5 will have incredible processing power

According to Mark Cerny, Sony’s lead system architect for the PS5, the console’s GPU and its 36 CUs will run at an outstanding 10.28 teraflops with variable frequencies. This performance definitely exceeds the PS4 by a long mile with the latter running only at 4.2 teraflops.

It is interesting to note that the Xbox Series X has a more powerful GPU with 12 teraflops. However, according to Cerny, the PlayStation 5 will run at maximum capacity as it adjusts to the varying frequencies and needs of various software.

Say goodbye to load times

The PS5 is sure to entice gamers and developers with its 825GB SSD drive which will allow it to load two gigabytes per 0.27 second. This is exceedingly faster than the PS4 which is only able to load one gigabyte per second.

This means that load times will be practically non-existent with the PS5.

Furthermore, the PS5 SSD will allow game developers more freedom to design games for the console. Not only that, but it will also help to decrease the amount of time to make games made for the PS4 compatible with the PS5.

Sony also announced that several classic titles from the PS4 will be backward compatible with the PS5. Aside from the classic titles, almost 100 of the most played games of the PS4 catalog will also be backward compatible with the new console.

PS5’s revolutionary audio and release date

Cerny took a considerable amount of time discussing how the new console’s audio will work. He promised a fully-immersive 3D audio experience all thanks to the Tempest 3D Audio Tech.

Cerny said that this will be highly evident with how players would easily be able to pinpoint where their enemies are attacking from as they themselves would be able to hear where the attack hails.

Sony said there is still no launch date for the PS5, although the company promised that the PS5 will arrive sometime during the last quarter of the year which could be between November and December.

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