PS5 vs gaming PCs tests ongoing

Many PC gamers await the result if PS5 can match their top device. But, there are still no answers if next-generation tools match 2020 gaming PCs. 

Comparisons arose when Sony unleashed details on the next-generation consoles.

Is PS5 better than Gaming PCs?

PS5 users now use their device to watch Youtube videos and browse. Sony produced PS5 with a great SSD that functions greater than the SSD of PS4. That means faster SSD means faster downloads and browsing times. It also offers a higher percentage of systems that produce fast functions. But, some gaming PCs can also provide fast downloads and loads. 

Experts say that PS5 might perform things gaming PCs have a hard time with. This is one of the reasons why PS5 and gaming PC fans look forward to the judgment of the experts after testing. They also say that console might be a little ahead from gaming PCs because of its higher teraflop power of 10.28 while PCs with RTX 2070 can reach nine teraflops.

Meanwhile, PS5 users also stated that buying one rather than building a PC is more recommendable. They say that one can already avail of a PS5 with more or less $600. But, this amount can only buy a high-quality GPU. There are more things you should buy and will require a hefty amount to build a decent gaming PC. 

The last reason PS5 users stated is how they can enjoy new games while comparisons from gaming PCs arise. They say that PS5 provides more exceptional gaming experiences with its consoles. But, gaming PCs also offer a wide variety of game functions.

However, PS5 gamers argue that gaming PCs have a hard time competing with PS5 because it’s powerful features and processors. These features accommodate almost every function in their device. PC users answered this by featuring gaming PCs that can top PS5.

PC gamers are working on the best upgrades

PC gamers are taking their chances to create powerful upgrades topping PS5 features. Experts say that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 can be the same or top the PS5’s performance. They say that a matchup between the two devices will be exciting to watch. 

On the other hand, There are videos of testing on the web that shows a test with the Unreal Engine 5 using the PS5. It features a female character roaming around the desert, trying to fulfill a mission. 

Despite its tough comparison, fans expressed their thoughts and excitement over the released demonstration. While some would claim PS5 are better than PC, other gamers say that ordinary gaming PCs with the right materials can perform the same as the PS5 in the demo. 

Image Courtesy of Jon / VisualHunt, Mystic / YouTube Screenshot


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