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‘PSO2’ crossover event lets players dress up as Persona characters


Phantasy Star Online 2 is having a collaboration with Persona that gives players a chance to don their favorite Persona character.

Dubbed the “Persona Paradox Event,” this limited time tie-in started last August 12 to last until September 9, 2020. Coinciding PSO2’s tradition of giving players new aesthetics to check out every few weeks, the event sees players dressing up looking like their favorite Persona character.

Although the Persona series goes deeper than Persona 3, the partnership only covers figures beginning on the third title. This means that the otherwise less popular characters seen in the original two titles will not be included in the event.

Which is kind of understandable since the Persona franchise did not really gain much traction to Western audiences until Persona 3. Thanks in part to its, at the time, revolutionary and engrossing game mechanics. However, to say the least, remains to be the case still at the present.

List of Potential Costume Rewards

Here is a complete breakdown of the costumes that players can win throughout the entirety of the event:

Persona 3

  • Makoto Yuki uniform
  • Gekkoukan female uniform
  • Yukai Takeba uniform
  • Aigis Replica uniform
  • Aigis Replica B uniform
  • Mitsuru Kirijio uniform
  • Elizabeth Replica
  • Jack Frost suit

Persona 4

  • Yu Narukami uniform
  • Chie Satonaka uniform
  • Marie’s shoulder bags
  • Marie’s clothes
  • Bear Suit

Persona 5

  • Joker (Phantom Thief Attire)
  • Shujin Academy uniform
  • Ann academy uniform
  • Haru Okumura uniform
  • Futaba Sakuraba outfit
  • Makoto academy uniform
  • Evolution device: Jack Frost
  • Evolution device: Morgana

Case in point, the latest event runs on a “gacha” like mechanics that grants players the chance to draw a random costume. The trade-off being only Scratch Tickets which can either be gotten in three ways—ARKs Cash (AC), FUN Points, and Star Gems (SG).

Other Prizes

But an uncertain costume is only part of the overall prizes that await the event’s eager participants. Aside from the outfit that turns a player’s avatar into a perfect imitation of their favored character, other stuff like accessories and consumables are up for grabs, too.

Other Persona-related items to get from the event includes posters and statues as well as popular soundtrack remixes.

Going further than just the mainline series, spin-offs like the “Dancing” installments also makes obvious reference in the game. It comes in the form of emotes that highlight each Persona character’s dance moves as seen in the spin-off titles.

Speaking of emotes, certain signature moves from the mainline entries are also visible in light of the event. They include the S.E.E.S. members’ Evoker shoot-oneself-on-the-head action, Investigation Team’s summoning action, and The Phantom Thief of Hearts’ tearing off the mask gesture.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently available on PC and Xbox One.

Image used courtesy of Phantasy Star Online 2 – Global/YouTube Screenshot

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