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‘Psychic Princess’ Season 2: Will Princess Qian Yun Xi, Prince Ye Wang return for another season?


It will be nearly a couple of years since fans last saw Princess Qian Yun Xi and Prince Ye Wang/Ye You Ming on the small screen. Now, will viewers see them again together in Psychic Princess Season 2?

The first season began in November 2018 and ended in April 2019 after 16 episodes. Though there’s no official announcement about Psychic Princess Season 2 yet, will it still see the light of the day?

Possibilities of return

The anime series has earned a cult following since it started airing more than two years ago.

Other donghua shows receive a renewal, like The King’s Avatar, Tales of Demons and Gods, and more. So, it’s not far that there will be Psychic Princess Season 2, too.

It may only be a matter of time before fans will hear renewal news with its immense success.

Fans have to note that with its “complex characters and immersive plotline,” it takes time to develop an animated series like this.

It takes great effort and a lot of time to complete, so they have to have patience.

Possible plotline

In the Psychic Princess Season 1 finale, Qian Yunshang used a Taoist master to exorcise the Qing You Pavilion demons.

She asked her maids to catch and talk to one of Qian Yun Xi’s maids, The Cinemaholic noted. Sesame Seed then arrived and attacked Qian Yunshang’s maids after seeing what’s happening.

The Taoist master stopped the Sesame Seed that almost destroyed the latter. Qian Yun Xi then invalidated all Taoist master’s spells after seeing what she did.

Despite getting angry, the Taoist master asked Qian Yun Xi if she could be his disciple. Prince Ye then showed up and scared the Taoist master, saying Qian Yun Xi only belonged to him.

The first season then ended with Prince Ye going to the Qing You Pavilion, while a mysterious hooded figure learned about the thumb thing.

So in Psychic Princess Season 2, fans might get to know who the hooded individual is. He might be a new antagonist coming to the series in the next season.

This man is also said to have a connection with Qian Yunxi.

Also, Prince Ye and Qian Yun Xi might become closer, while the story might also focus on other royal family members.

Though Psychic Princess Season 2 is yet to be announced, Haoliners Animation League may soon put it in the works. If this happens, the new season may be out either in October or November 2022, per Epic Dope.

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