‘PT’ PS5 not possible says Konami

A lot of fans wanted the Silent Hills playable teaser – also known as PT on the PlayStation 5. Rumors supported this, but it seems like PT PS5 will be more than just a dream for horror fans.

Horror fans got excited when they got wind that PT PS5 will be available via backwards compatibility. However, Konami has already spoken up about the potential, and it seems like everyone who got their hopes up will be disappointed.

No backwards compatibility

As per Konami, PT won’t be available on the PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. This may sound disappointing but it is in no way surprising. Whether players have the teaser on their PlayStation account or not, it doesn’t matter. The game stays on the PlayStation 4.

What is ‘PT’?

Playable teaser, or PT, is a short demo for an upcoming Silent Hills game. What makes the game special is that it would’ve been made under the direction of Hideo Kojima. However, the project has been cancelled for many reasons. One of which was Kojima’s departure from the game company.

PT was made free for PlayStation 4 users. However, when word got out that the Silent Hills reboot has been canceled, the game has since been removed from the store. Those who were able to download PT when it was available can still down.

Fans had hoped that they could’ve at least brought the PT PS5 experience to life. Only a few games don’t have backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 5. Since the game has been removed from the PlayStation Store, it’s very likely that Sony didn’t have the means to make it compatible.

PT is a 15-20 minute experience. Players will have to go through an endless hallway that gets scarier each time they pass. While short, the teaser itself holds many secrets that players loved uncovering. By the end of the teaser, we get to see that players were playing as Norman Reedus all along.

The teaser was praised for having a ton of scary moments despite being short. Sadly, PT will only be what it is, and nothing more as the game has been canceled.

Players might be disappointed that PT PS5 won’t be happening. At least there are still countless backwards compatible games on the PlayStation 5. Fans should really just hope that Konami eventually pushes through with the project as it’s something that everyone has been looking forward to.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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