‘PUBG’ latest trailer hints at potential playable character with popular Korean-American actor

PUBG's TAEGO Cinematic Trailer

PUBG’s recently released trailer features a peek into the upcoming Taego update, which showcases a likely playable character.

A developing update for the PUBG has been recently in the works and is set to introduce some Korean influence into it. Some previously confirmed set of Korean-made arsenals and car are bound to make their appearances when the patch does launch. However, there appears to be more than just the addition of guns and four-wheels in it.

The Taego Update

As tweeted via PUBG’s official account, a post shows a brief trailer for an up-and-coming update calling itself as “Taego”. Which, as it appears, comes as a reference to a new map of the same name. Seemingly a proverbial elephant in the room, a familiar face has been making a nascent presence throughout the game’s latest trailer. It specifically concerns an actor that many would attribute as an icon in plenty South Korean action movies, Don Lee.

Interesting to note in the video, however, is the likelihood that such inclusion wasn’t merely for marketing. Speculations suggest that Kangjae Ma is making his way into the fray as either a playable character or an NPC. The notion even went so far as to predict him being a villain story-wise.

If true, that would make for an interesting feature. Fans of the actor of Train to Busan fame would especially find his permanent inclusion fascinating. That is, in addition to what is already cut and dry in other significant aspects the update. Which, to iterate, includes some South Korean guns and a specific car. Furthermore, there’s also the ability to self-revive which sets for a potentially gameplay-altering experience for players in-game.

New Face, Old Story

The prominent Korean figure made his first link to the Battle Royale game last June 27 when he starred in the live-action short, “Battle Ground”. Playing the role of Kangjae Ma, it shows a convict subject to assassination for a peculiar lucrative underground business, involving tapes. Essentially, a snuff video that portrays the actual slay of inmates eventually revealed as “The Gulag Tapes”.

Technically, it’s a failure with regards to Kangjae Ma’s case after having survived the killing attempt through sheer brute strength. However, the rest of the tapes would later become valuable in the black market. Consequently, giving rise to the creation of the “Battlegrounds”.

Gameplay is unmistakably PUBG’s greatest pull among the audiences. But seeing Krafton taking an effort to establish the game’s lore is a pretty riveting approach to the franchise, too.

Image used courtesy of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS/YouTube Screenshot

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