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‘PUBG Mobile’ 1.1 beta update introduces “Metro Royale” mode, re-rolls seasonal feature


Following a previous announcement that teases a collaboration between PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) and Metro Exodus, a beta update is launched, giving eager players a taste of what’s to come to the game.

The version 1.1 beta arrives just days after PUBG Mobile releases official patch notes at its Discord channel. Which, according to the note, will introduce a slew of new features into the game.

New contents

Those new additions include a new game mode, Metro Royale; new maps; equipment loadout, and pre-configured arsenals, including a new weapon, Tikhar; new in-game challenges; and a special black-market venue.

For the first time on mobile, players will also get to throw melee weapons against opponents, following the beta update rollout. A feature that was originally launched on the PC version. Also, a new Spike Trap item, seemingly used to disable vehicles, will be seeing the light of day in PUBG Mobile.

Returning feature

Although those additions are themselves great, part of the update is also a re-roll of a seasonal feature. Considering that it is already close to winter in certain parts of the world, part of the changes will be the reappearance of snow via the winter mode.

Veteran players would already know what to expect when the Winter mode joins the game again. But while certain things are to be expected during winter, there are probably some cool new things to expect when whiteness begins to blanket PUBG Mobile.

Hands-on Metro Royale experience

Of the aforementioned upcoming contents, one of the main highlights of the list is the Metro Royale. Getting some hands-on experience in the new gameplay mode, it provides an interesting offering to the game.

This feature draws heavy inspiration from Badlanders. The new game mode seems to revolve around the idea of getting into matches, beating opponents in a shootout, loot, extract, and then sell in order to upgrade from the marketplace.

It is worth noting that the feature is part of the beta and may not be entirely comprehensive in what to show. The actual encounter itself is mostly replete with bots instead of actual players, which made the process rather easy.

The fun element of Metro Royale does indeed boil down to its “RPG” mechanics. One which involves selling loots in order to afford upgrades for arsenals. As of beta, there is a total of 6 levels of upgrade for armor and backpack. In addition, there are higher levels of weapons to unlock, as well.

As exciting as the update sounds, it might not be the same for countries like India, which imposes the prohibition of PUBG Mobile.

Image used courtesy of PUBG Mobile

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