‘PUBG Mobile’ heading for ‘New Era’ on Sept. 8 with version 1.0

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is already headed for the “New Era” as it sets for a version 1.0 update on Sept. 8, 2020, which brings in a handful of major improvements and additions to the game.

Coming in at 2.0 Gb in file size, the upcoming patch is a big one. Massive enough to pack in an enhanced UI, new character models, overall improved visuals, and the “much-anticipated surprise.”

While Sept. 8 is still relatively a few weeks away from now, players can anticipate what to see when the date arrives.

Major Changes

The first thing they will notice is a major overhaul to the game’s lobby. Which, as per Tencent, will make it “more interactive” than ever before. Meaning, easier access to the game’s features at a few taps on the screen that players can further simplify by customizing the UI layout.

The promise to make the game look good will also become apparent when the 1.0 update rolls out. Likely, this will be seen as a seamless amalgamation of better lighting textures and particle effects. Aspects of PUBG Mobile that, at its current state, undeniably require tending.

Realistically, though, it would require a specific kind of hardware to experience PUBG Mobile in its newfound glory. Particularly, a high-end one that has enough horsepower to render the game’s graphics at max setting smoothly.

Try as the publisher might be both vague and interesting, though, many would already surmise what the special “surprise” was. Those who are up-to-speed with the game’s happenings should probably know by now that it refers to the completely reworked, Erangel. A very popular map that has been in beta for some time now.

Although the latest trailer did not disclose what the “mystery surprise,” paying enough attention to visual cues gives sense to it.

Exciting Global Event

If the upcoming update was not enough, the game is seeing major drive to its hype with a global tournament following the update. Dubbed the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero, this event will see players from across the globe competing for a $2 million prize pool, essentially making the event not only the largest but also the highest paying for PUBG Mobile throughout its history.

The stated tournament will take place around November. Thus, giving ample enough time for will-be participants to brush up on their skills to win not only “chicken for dinner” but also the grand prize.

Image used courtesy of PUBG Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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