‘PUBG Mobile’ is soon coming back to India!

There’s great news for hardcore smartphone gamers in India. PUBG Mobile is soon coming back to the country with a new plan!

According to The Verge, PUBG Mobile Corporation has revealed plans to re-launch the game in India. And this time, it will be a new game version specifically made for Indian users. Right now, all the mobile gamers only have the option to go for Call of Duty Mobile, because they really want a great battle royale or multiplayer experience no matter what.

In September, the globally popular multiplayer mobile game was banned in the country. And it was due to the fact it’s a Chinese app made by Tencent company. Interestingly, there were already 50 million users playing it in India at the time of its ban. That’s also another reason why it will launch once again in the region.

PUBG Mobile in India: How will it make a return?

The PUBG Corporation, a South Korean developer, recently said it would launch India’s game under a new subsidiary. Additionally, it also emphasized that the game would “maximize data security and cater to local preferences.”

Most importantly, the developer has pledged to invest $100 million in India’s entertainment, esports, gaming, and IT industries.

There’s no clear date reveal regarding the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in the country. All the game fans will now have a big smile on their faces upon knowing about this huge news.

Along with PUBG, many other Chinese apps like TikTok, WeChat, and Shein are also currently banned in India. And it seems like they won’t be coming back in any case due to tensions between the Asian nations.

Call of Duty Mobile currently ruling in India

Well, there’s always a great situation whenever competition slows down. And the same thing is happening with Call of Duty Mobile in India. As of now, it’s one of the most-played multiplayer titles in the country because there’s no other true alternative available to the users.

Most of the new gamers of the app are those who were PUBG gamers two months back. So it’s been a fantastic phase for Activision.

However, this game was also associated with Tencent. But very smartly, Activision parted ways with the Chinese company to avoid a similar fate like PUBG Mobile. And it’s certain now that by the time the latter arrives back, COD Mobile will surely become highly popular in the gaming arena.

Image courtesy of Lukmanazis/Shutterstock

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