‘PUBG’ shows off new lore starring Jonathan Frakes


A new PUBG trailer delves into the lore of the game’s winter map, Vikendi. The documentary-style trailer stars the legendary Jonathan Frakes in a seedy look into Dinoland.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is famous for its season trailers. Until recently, the game is letting fans into the game’s lore little by little. PUBG is in its seventh season, with changes to its winter map.

Vikendi’s Dinoland is rife with weirdness and mystery

As the weird blue circle closes around players in Vikendi, players should remember all the sleaziness of Dinoland. Known to many as Dino Park, the new Battlegrounds trailer shows the infamy of the 70s amusement park.

The new video fleshed out the weirdness that circled the once “happiest place ever.” Much of the reasons for its infamy does not matter at all. If the player is part of the 100-people thrown off the plane to massacre each other, the last thing you’d care for is the park.

Even then, the video is amazing in showing off how everything turned to despair for its owner. The entire video received the stellar narration of Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes. The 90s-style educational video looks like something pulled from some cop-show VHS.

According to the video, Dinoland came from the mind of a Carl Johann Lindh, a 70s business tycoon. The park went around successfully until its T-rex mascot Alex the T-Rex was bisected by the park train.

The story gets weirder from this point onward, with references to a potential killer child. There are also stories about the mishaps of the Lindhs, until the park’s eventual sale.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds showing off game lore

PUBG, for the longest time, has not delved at all with the lore. Nobody asked why 100 men and women need to scavenge and go at each other’s throats. Now, the dev team around the infamous Arma 2 mod turned full game are showing bits of lore.

In another video for Battlegrounds’ season four cinematic trailer, we see the intense history of its primary map, Erangel.

According to the video, the island became the victim of a Russian insurgency that erased its population. The first lone survivor, a child, took over the island. The implication at the end is that the lone survivor became “PlayerUnknown,” the mastermind of the 100-man battle royale.

The Erangel map is an homage to the roots of PUBG, which is Arma 2. Arma 2 sets itself in a fictitious post-Soviet state rife with political unrest. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is on its seventh season at the moment.

Feature image courtesy of PUBG Corp/Youtube Screenshot

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