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‘PUBG: New State’ is a mobile-exclusive title from original PUBG developer


The Battle Royale genre is seeing another addition on mobile as PUBG: New State confirms launch this year.

The latest PUBG installment is being developed by PUBG Studio, the same developer behind the pioneering title on PC and console. It makes for a third installment in the franchise, following PUBG Mobile, and is exclusive to mobile. PUBG Mobile, for reference, was actually made by Tencent.

Not meant to replace its mobile sibling, New State will operate independently from and simultaneously with PUBG Mobile. A notion that was clearly expressed by the two unique developers.

The game is being published by Krafton, a subsidiary company to PUBG Studio and whose CEO is the creator of the PUBG franchise.

An essential upgrade

An improvement to the original, especially in visuals, the new installment also brings the battlefield to the next level. In particular, decades into the future in a new map called Troi, which coincides with distinct changes.

However, looking into the trailer, it appears that the alterations aren’t too major to highlight the “futuristic” theme. Although, it is fairly obvious that the new timeline will feature elements not seen from the first game. This means drones and deployable combat shields, and potentially a slew of other technology down the line. PUBG: New State seems to share a similar vibe as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and 4.

With those changes in mind, one can imagine how diverse the combat would be like for the developing title. Possibly, with the connotation of new strategies, even among veteran players.

Speaking of graphics, the New State developer is promising an “ultra-realistic graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming.” Which, by the looks of the trailer, might seem indeed the case. Most notably, for how smooth the texture is, relative to PUBG’s rather gauche imagery.

Borrowing an element that makes Apex Legends a joy to players is a weapon customization. For the first time, PUBG-ers can finally tinker their weapon for a satisfying shootout in every match.

Pre-registrations are up

In anticipation of the game’s imminent release, Krafton is currently running pre-registrations on Android. iOS users, however, may have to wait a little longer to join in on the fun. Still, in the works, eager players can expect to join beta tests prior to the game’s full release.

PUBG: New State will be playable in 2021 on both Android and iOS.

Image used courtesy of PUBG: NEW STATE/YouTube Screenshot

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