PUBG officially went live with Ranked mode, patch notes details here

The recent update 7.2 patch has heightened the PlayersUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG)competitiveness in bagging chicken dinners by officially opening the Ranked mode.

PUBG has been around since 2016, and it has established itself as a well-known Battle Royale title within the gaming community. Some would even say that this is one of the best multiplayer online games that kickstarted the BR genre fame.

Almost four years into the game, and seven seasons later—not to mention, after the birth of other popular BR games—PUBG has finally taken the competitive scene seriously by producing a Ranked mode.

PUBG’s dev’s letter to fans addressing Ranked mode

In an official “dev’s letter” published on Steam, the creators of the Battle Royale game gave insights on the “added challenge” that they’ve added for its loyal fanbase:

As many of you know, we’ve been working to add a skill-based ranking system to PUBG for quite some time. Ranked Mode provides an additional challenge for experienced players, allowing them to climb the ranks and see where they stand among other players. Ranked will be an ever-evolving core feature of the game going forward and comes with many things to understand, so let’s go over some of the design goals and launch features.  We plan to dive deeper into specific pieces in the coming weeks and months.

Accordingly, they’ve laid out the goals that came with the Ranked mode release and involves providing an official process to measure players’ skills. This will also be used as a “direction” for the PUBG eSports community.

Also, this will reportedly pave the way to the game’s season mechanics, especially with the rewards based on players’ ranking.

Ranked mode mechanics

Per the patch notes, the introduction of Ranked mode also comes with the discontinuation of Survival Title. With that said, only matches played in the new Ranked mode will be counted towards players’ ranks, regardless of the Survival Title match history.

Furthermore, every match will have a maximum of 64 players, and squad members should not be too far apart in terms of ranks—like any other video game Ranked modes. Also, queues will be determined based on the players’ Rank Points (RP).

There will be three maps—Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok, and each match will have a randomly picked map.

There are six tiers, with five Divisions each for PUBG Ranked mode, this includes:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

All players will be label Unranked to begin the Season 7 competitive play, and players will need to complete five matches to qualify as “placements” before the ranking system takes effect on players’ profiles.

Every end of a season, players will receive Rank rewards based on their standing, and a Leaderboard will also be made available, displaying the top 500 per server, based on Rank Points.

Also, the patch notes discuss the addition of Bot Opponents within the normal gameplay to help “newer players” hone their skills, and avoid getting killed in the early game without any kills.

For more details on the 7.2 update, click here.

Featured image courtesy of Vinicius Bacarin/Shutterstock

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