‘PUBG’ Season 8 unveils battle royale history with the ‘Sanhok 4’

'PUBG' Season 8 unveils battle royale history with the 'Sanhok 4'

PUBG Season 8 is about to arrive, and its makers just dropped a cinematic teaser about the season’s upcoming changes.

PUBG Season 8 is coming to PC first, in a matter of hours, as it is due to arrive on July 22. Meanwhile, other consoles will receive the jungle-centered big update by the end of the month, on July 30.

PUBG Season 8 teaser could be a believable movie

PUBG Corp. just released a movie-like teaser that looks like it could take on Levan Gabriadze’s 2014 film, Unfriended.  

Diving into the video, that’s seven minutes and 25 seconds long, it looks like a group from the PUBG Corp. are maintaining an on-going tournament. The video is set out to be a “recovered” footage from a hard drive that was dated on July 17, 2020.

There are four employees bickering over in a video conference, with Martin, who’s POV viewers are on busy juggling chats from his girlfriend and from his co-workers. Three out of four of them are situated in the comforts of hotels or their homes, while Nelson is stuck in the bunker, which looked like the tournament’s on-site headquarters.

Again with the bunkers, though. Secret bunkers have been the theme with famed battle royale games lately. The Call of Duty: Warzone forums and news have been filled with the supposed mystery bunker in the Verdansk map.

It looks like, PUBG is somehow taking inspiration from that idea, with its Sanhok map, which involves the Sanhok 4. Fast forward to the part where four players of a squad suddenly go out of radar after a glitch turned temporarily turned off the servers.

Martin and the rest, pull out files to identify who the missing players are. After identifying them, Nelson gets annihilated inside the bunker, which none of the players should have known existed.

Then comes in the big mysterious boss, like the Big Brother of the whole operation, who demands his employees to look for the Sanhok 4—and cut.

Who are the Sanhok 4?

Based on the teaser and on what was revealed by the devs of PUBG, these four individuals are quite the criminals. They are:

  • Duncan Slade – a former U.S. Marine Corps who served three tours in Iraq. He got of the service due to some “critical injuries.” He became a criminal after killing someone in a “drunken bar fight.” His reason for leaving the Sanhok map is likely to meet his daughter for the first time.
  • Pavel Dvořák – Czech Republic native with an “extremely aggressive personality,” as it turns out. It appears Dvořák is a frustrated pro boxer after he was banned from the Czech Boxing Association for refusing to wear gloves in matches. Dvořák became a criminal after getting into a “violent altercation with Czech police over [a] parking ticket.”
  • Julie Skels – Convicted of homicide only at the age of 15. A serious case of orphan-turned-criminal. She’s dubbed as “Butcher of Bucharest” after killing eleven men.
  • Madison Malholtra – An MIT dropout with U.S. Navy parents. She’s the weapons guy in the group, as she has a few overseas sources that deal with light arms negotiation. Also, she works for a cartel.

Together, they make the Sanhok 4—the most dangerous group in PUBG. It looks like, four counts of manhunt are about to happen within the realm of the battle royale classic.

What does Sanhok 4 have to do with BR origin?

According to GameSpotthe teaser video has something to do with why players fight in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the first place. A possible lore that explains the history of the battle royale genre.

Per Comicbook, PUBG Season 8 is about to revamp the Sanhok map and bring big changes to the game. “That includes new areas, reworked old ones, and even the addition of loot trucks,” as the media outlet reports.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite clear yet, as to how this “lore” will tie-up with the upcoming PUBG Season 8 gameplay. Although, it does look very exciting but also very Call of Duty like.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG

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