Publisher claims patches to come to ‘Deadly Premonition 2’

Deadly Premonition 2 gameplay snapshot

Heavily criticized for its abysmal performance on the hybrid console, Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise is, reportedly, getting some patches along the way.

The confirmation comes from one of the game’s publishers, Rising Star Games, who claims that the game is bound for fixing. Specifically, suggesting that the developers are “constantly working on improving the title” and that “patches are in the works.”

Consequently, the publisher is encouraging everyone to keep their eyes peeled for “more news” coming soon.

It is not exactly disclosed how the game’s development team is planning on fixing what appears to be a fault in the game. But if anyone who is aware of the issue can make a guess, it’s got to be primarily on the performance aspect. In addition to bugs and glitches that also seem to plague the game.

A Bad Start

The franchise’s entry into the Switch is one mired with issues from the start. With DP2’s prequel also suffering from the exact same issue since release, there appears to be a pattern that is not boding well.

Like the sequel, the original Deadly Premonition also suffers from performance issues that have it running between 30 to 50 FPS on foot. Only to suffer drastically while driving which sees the frames dropping to a “steady” 10 to 20 FPS.

For a game that is not necessarily pushing the console to its limits, it’s quite clear where the issue is rooting from. The series, for the most part, is likely suffering from the bad design that did not manage to consider the hardware where it is running from.

Pushing to the Limits

We have seen plenty of other games in the Switch that seemingly push it to its limits with good performances. Some only to encounter minor dips in the frames department and causing heat to the hardware. However, they are not as bad as how Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise plays.

If one is to look at what the console is truly capable of, it takes a game like Breath of the Wild to show it. A game so beautifully made and well-optimized, it remains the paragon that brings out the best of its running hardware.

Despite the game’s glaring faults, it still manages to build a following, making it the epitome of a cult-classic. If the game was able to establish a fan base in spite of its rough edges, we can only imagine the extent of the audience like when it performs better.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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