Purchasing a Nintendo Switch made easier and unfair by bots

Hoarding is never right; whether it’s about food, supplies, entertainment items, and so on. Yet, through the use of a bot, people can now hoard Nintendo Switch consoles to sell at a much heftier price. What a dirty way to take advantage of the lockdown situation.

As of the moment, some unscrupulous people are using Bird Bot. This tool will buy anything (depending on how it’s programmed) once supplies arrive at a local Best Buy and Walmart. All they need to do is sit back and wait for their orders to come in.

Bird Bot

While some people in lockdown deem the tool as a lifesaver since they could purchase a Nintendo Switch without leaving their homes once it is available, people who plan to get some profit from reselling the console use this bot to hoard stocks upon stocks so that they can sell it to others with ridiculously high prices.

A certain reseller of sneakers created the bot at the prodding of a friend. Since this reseller also planned to resell some Nintendo Switch consoles, this person proceeded with the plan and even released the bot free of charge. Of course, it is safe to say that not all people wanted to hoard the console but get their hands on one.

In this lockdown situation, a game console will help pass the time and also to bond with their family. Because of the Bird Bot, people can now order the console without physically visiting the store or spending long hours while waiting for the replenishment of supplies. 

The good things

The free bot certainly helped people get their Nintendo Switch consoles, and to pay the favour forward, posted some tips on how to snap the item through a Discord server successfully. Also, not all resellers are money-grabbers. They want to help other people get their consoles while getting some profit.

The bad things

The thing is, some resellers almost doubles the price of the console. Normally, a Nintendo Switch retails at $299. These people, however, sell the consoles at $450 minimum. On top of that, people who manually check Walmart and Best Buy’s stocks will have a harder time securing a console since the bot will always buy the consoles once available. 

Also, people who have the technical know-how can program other bots to purchase Nintendo Switch consoles instead of other items, such as sneakers. A person who really wants to have a console will have no choice but to purchase the overpriced Switch so that they can acquire their console.

The lowdown

People should be vigilant enough and not support resellers who sell the console at exorbitant prices. A body should look into this and regulate the rate that resellers can place on their items. Only then will people have a fighting chance at getting a Nintendo Switch without the need of paying more than its suggested retail price. 

Also, the Bird Bot should only buy a specific number of consoles so that people will have equal chances at obtaining the item. Hoarding should not be tolerated, and the number of items purchased must be regulated as well. It is not wrong to aim for some profit but not at the expense of people who only wants to have something to do in this lockdown situation.

In these times of crisis, the spirit of giving should maintain order in an otherwise chaotic world. On the one hand, the Bird Bot helps people in purchasing the console. On the other hand, if resellers want to sell them, ask for a reasonable price and not take advantage of the situation. 

Images courtesy of Lucie Liz/Pexels, Pixabay

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