Purse.io decides to continue operating despite previous plans to dissolve

Purse.io decides to continue operating despite previous plans to dissolve

Crypto marketplace Purse.io announced that they have decided to continue operating despite previous announcements that they will be dissolving the firm.

Purse.io made the announcement that they will remain in operation last April 24, turning down earlier updates that they have decided to dissolve the firm.

‘Incredible outpouring of support’ led to reconsideration

According to Purse.io support manager Eduardo Gomez, the company “have received an incredible outpouring of support from the community.” He added that it made the firm reconsider their decision.

The announcement reads:

“As we continue to vet new ownership for the platform, Shop and Earn will remain functional.”

There are no updates yet about the new leadership structure for the firm. But in a tweet from Purse, they said that there have been several parties who expressed their interest in acquiring the firm.

What is Purse.io?

Purse.io is a Bitcoin-based payment platform launched in 2014. Its primary function is to facilitate BTC purchases on Amazon, and it was the first among other platforms to reward users with BTC.

Purse.io has been known for its disruptive contribution to blockchain startups focused on retail services. It was among the earliest innovators to help increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in real-life transactions.

Purse.io had also been known for its feature where it linked Amazon gift card sellers to buyers who are willing to trade them with BTC.

Purse.io’s initial announcement to close its doors

As many would recall, Purse.io previously made the announcement less than two weeks ago that they have decided to close their doors after six years of operation.

In their previous announcement, they did not disclose any particular reason to dissolve the company.

According to their website, Purse.io has already amassed over 317,000 users on the platform when it first made the announcement to shut their services down.

Some say that they might have already burned through their $1.3 million funding. But until Purse.io makes the clarification on why they decided to shut down, similar sentiments will remain speculative.

Bitcoin advocate speculated to have helped out Purse.io

Roger Ver, a well-known BTC advocate, noted that he believes Purse.io will remain. In a YouTube video uploaded in Bitcoin.com’s official channel, Ver said:

“Purse is too important for the ecosystem to let it disappear so I don’t think it’s going anywhere. […] I’ve been in talks with them a lot, so stay tuned for some more news on Purse.io.”

This had some people in the crypto community talking whether Ver could have played a role in the decision of Purse.io to continue operations.

Regardless, Purse.io’s users are happy that the platform is not shutting its doors.

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