QuakeCon 2020 moves its events online with QuakeCon at Home


QuakeCon 2020 is going online with an event named “QuakeCon at Home.” The convention canceled its live expo, but set the new event this coming August.

The organizers of QuakeCon 2020 canceled the event in March due to the pandemic. With uncertainty over COVID-19 still rampant, no convention can run at all. Big crowds are a health concern that no organizer wants to take responsibility for.

Quake publisher Bethesda is now looking at online avenues as a substitute. Online events have become successful recently since people are still at home.

COVID-19 derailed QuakeCon exhibition

The COVID-19 cancelled a variety of video game events left and right. The destruction that the pandemic left in its wake is still palpable today. Many industry events grounded to a halt and the publishers can’t even present their games to the public.

For one, E3 2020 canceled early with the Tokyo Game Show 2020 skipping this year. Many gaming events, however, moved to their online channels to present their games.

The recent EA Live event is a smashing success for the publisher. They showed off their games and created hype for many of their upcoming titles. Fighting games tourney EVO 2020 will also move online for all their battles.

Even then, QuakeCon is a special event altogether due to the many events it had. First, convention-goers usually brought their PC with them. The event, since its inception in 1996, was almost always one big LAN party.

In its 25-year history, Quake aficionados used the event to see long-time online friends. The convention is a sort of brotherhood, more so than a games industry expo.

QuakeCon at Home will happen this coming August

Bethesda looked at ways to “celebrate the spirit of QuakeCon.” Today, the publisher has a few ideas that can help bring the people together. QuakeCon 2020 is going online, but it’s still going to be one huge event.

The specifics of the event are still up in the air. Bethesda will likely show more details about the event. What fans of the convention know are some of the likely things players can do.

The announcement at the official website notes the event will be on August 7 to 9. QuakeCon at Home will have a variety of different events.

“This year we’re celebrating #QuakeCon at Home,” says the announcement. “Join us for a global online event taking place August 7-9, including: livestreams, tournaments, charity fundraising, and a few fun secrets. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!”

The event is on its way, with only a few more weeks ahead. Fans can use the official community Discord server to learn more about QuakeCon 2020.

Featured image courtesy of Lauren Elisabeth/Shutterstock

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