Qualcomm expands into XR with latest collaboration

Chipmaker giant Qualcomm is expanding its grasp of the XR sector with its latest set of collaboration.

Qualcomm is one of the largest processor and software providers in the world. The company specializes in developing both hardware and software for virtual and augmented reality headsets.

As preparation for the upcoming Augmented World Expo, Qualcomm XR chief Hugo Swart debuts the company’s new Spatial holographic headset. Mr. Swart highlights some of the company’s upcoming projects as well as various development status. However, it appears that it is still years away from releasing its first product.

XR hardware and software

Aside from virtual and augmented reality, the Extended Reality sector is also starting to gain traction. As such Qualcomm is focusing on this vastly improved technology.

The company claims that it is working for a new XR viewer which should be ready within the next five years. While there is already an extensive market for AR and VR, tech experts tout that XR is the next best thing.

As part of its effort, the company is rolling out its XR Optimized certification program. However, this program is currently limited to smartphones running on its own Snapdragon chipset.

The program will allow developers to access some of Qualcomm’s powerful suite. As of this writing, nine companies are developing XR viewers. Additionally, seven smartphone manufacturers and 15 telecommunication companies are also working on the project.

The race for 5G

While XR is an exciting new technology, the platform is still has a lot in the development. The most important factor so far is data bandwidth. This is why the race to 5G is crucial in the development of XR.

The development of 5G technology is still in its nascent stage. Pioneering companies are still in the early stage of adoption. Moreover, various bureaucratic and regulatory zealots prove to be huge hurdles for mass rollout.

Qualcomm is at the forefront of 5G innovation. The company deems that 5G is an essential component in its effort to expand mass XR adoption.

Chinese tech company Huawei is also one of the pioneering developers of 5G. However, distrust over Chinese tech practices proves to be a major hurdle for Huawei. This puts Qualcomm in an extremely attractive position for the adoption of 5G.

Qualcomm is laying the ground for the future of not only XR viewers, but also of 5G. With the smartphone chipset well within its control, the company is poised for greater things.

Image courtesy of Raimond Spekking/Wikimedia Commons

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