Quantum computing greatly helps in COVID-19 vaccine discovery

As the world struggles to find the cure for COVID-19, medical experts are using quantum computing to hasten the effort.

Quantum computing is still a relatively new technology. Regardless, experts are utilizing its capabilities in an effort to find the cure for COVID-19. Experts are using data simulation in order to predict how the virus will spread.

Quantum computing to the rescue

Prior to the spread of COVID-19, quantum computing is relatively limited to computing simulations. However, due to the spread of the virus, experts are starting to utilize the massive computing potential of the technology.

Experts use quantum computing in various pandemic scenarios in order to predict the spread of the virus. Medical experts are using data from the 1918 Spanish Flu. This allows them to create a model that will essentially predict the potential spread of the virus.

While some will dismiss these recent developments, the application of quantum computing is considered essential. Experts claim that the only hurdle that hinders them from making a breakthrough is the lack of data.

Recently, the technology is used is to map the protein structure of the COVID-19 virus in just 12 days. Comparatively, a computer takes four years in the 1980s to create the same analysis.

The search for a COVID-19 cure

In a recent statement, Professor Noor Shaker says:

“The journey takes approximately 15 years and costs $2.6 billion, and starts with a process to filter millions of molecules to identify the promising hundreds with high potential to become medicines.”

Medical experts are keen into looking not only for a cure, but for a vaccine. People working on the project claim that finding a cure from existing drug is relatively doable. However, formulating a vaccine will still take years.

In practice, the testing phase of a drug is very time exhausting. Experts are utilizing quantum computing in order to cut this testing phase short.

Medical experts agree that this type of computing plays a major role in finding a cure for COVID-19. Experts are only wary about the lack of data that fuels their research.

One of the most common issues among experts in the field is the lack of data. COVID-19 is a relatively new pandemic, and the lack of data hampers researchers. As medical institutions around the globe work together to gather data,  quantum computing experts are also optimistic of their struggle.

In general, quantum computing is essential in finding a cure for COVID-19. It may not provide a direct cure, but its computing power is crucial in finding the cure.

Image courtesy of  Iaremenko Sergii/Shutterstock

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