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‘Quantum Error’ could be the cosmic horror follow-up to ‘Dead Space’


Quantum Error provides meticulous content for players as this promising gameplay looks like a similar version of Dead Space.

In this new cosmic horror, players have to gather their courage and fight to survive as they are trapped in a mystery-filled facility where they are asked to serve.

Announced over a year ago with the help of Future Games Show, Quantum Error is an upcoming cosmic horror shooter game that can be a standalone follow up to Dead Space.

This dangerous facility where the firefighters are stranded is located in none other than Jupiter as they have to mutter strength and fight off the ghouls who attack every now and then.

These enemies somewhat represent the outer life players have to survive with strong tactics as they wish to, being attacked from every other direction.

It is a blend of sci-fi and horror at its best

Quantum Error looks like an effective blend of science, fiction, and horror put together into a horror gameplay story.

It features a main protagonist barely holding his own life after he had been caught stranded on the lands of Jupiter, inside a clinic.

Developer TeamKill Media has said that the entire game is based on a fictional outlook and the approach is towards an interesting combo of sci-fi horror. This game features the onset of several possibilities to the classic Dead Space series.

TeamKill has said that the story details of Quantum Error are really vague, but the premise of the plot mixes with the sci-fi content that it promises in the trailer.

This game has an interesting fish-out-of-water-style horror narrative as players can be hooked to the game right from the start.

What is the plot?

Quantum Error begins with Jacob, who sends a signal to the other people and to his teammates who are caught in a bizarre environment, stranded in the lands of Jupiter.

After a series of unfortunate events, Jacob and his friends find themselves landed on Jupiter and struggling to get out of the facility with every possible help they need.

The main motive of the game is not to escape the facility but, at the same time, to find a way back to Earth as soon as possible because Jacob and his entire array of teammates become a meal for the extraterrestrials who wander the facility.

Ultimately we can say that Quantum Error looks like a promising look-alike of Dead Space and might be the spin-off everyone needed.

Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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