Queen Elizabeth: British Monarch’s age when she had her kids revealed

Queen Elizabeth: British Monarch's age when she had her kids revealed

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth welcomed their first two children years before the monarch’s ascension to the British Throne.

Queen Elizabeth will turn 95 in April. Despite her advancing age, she continues to serve the British Monarchy as its head. While talks of her abdications remain apparent in recent years, many believe that she will not give up her position.

As the days continue to pass by, the Daily Express revisited the early years of the Queen’s marriage to Prince Philip. It also recalled the years when the royal couple welcomed their children.

The British Monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh have four kids. The two eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, were born years before her ascension to the British Throne. Conversely, they welcomed Prince Andrew and Prince Edward during her early years in serving the Crown.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Queen Elizabeth was only 22 years old when she gave birth to Prince Charles. She and Prince Philip had their eldest on November 14, 1948, just a year after their wedding.

As the eldest, he eventually became the Prince of Wales and the rightful Heir Apparent. When his mother passes away or chooses to abdicate, he will become the King of the United Kingdom.

Two years later, the royal couple welcomed their only daughter, Princess Anne. She was born on August 15, 1950, during which time the Queen was in her 24th year. As the only female child, she obtained the title, Princess Royal, by right.


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Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

In 1952, the then-Princess Elizabeth took over the British Throne from her father, King George VI. The latter passed away during that year, automatically making her the head of the British Monarchy.

It took eight years before she and Prince Philip had another child. In 1960, they welcomed Prince Andrew, who reports claim to be Queen Elizabeth’s favorite.

Four years later, the Queen and her Consort had their fourth and final child. Prince Edward was born on March 10, 1964. She was 37 years old, while the Duke of Edinburgh was 42 at that time.

Queen Elizabeth on royal birth traditions

British Royals have certain traditions when giving birth and welcoming their children. During the Queen’s time, it was standard for a royal to give birth inside their residences.

The British Monarch welcomed three of her children inside Buckingham Palace. Unlike her brothers, Princess Anne was born at Clarence House due to the renovations in the London palace.

Despite following almost all of the traditions, Queen Elizabeth broke one when she gave birth to her youngest child. She asked Prince Philip to be in the room, which was not the norm. In doing so, she became the first female British Royal to have her husband beside her while giving birth.

Featured image courtesy of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office/Flickr(CC BY 2.0)

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