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Queen Elizabeth always wears her pearls because of this


The public rarely sees Queen Elizabeth without her pearls.

British Royals have specific rules when it comes to their fashion choices. While they could freely choose the style of their accessories and clothing items, Queen Elizabeth has seemingly clung to only a few items. One of them is her three-strand pearl necklace.

In every engagement, the British Monarch always wears her pearls. She rarely leaves her residence without them, according to the Cheat Sheet. With this at hand, many have wondered why she rarely wears necklaces other than her iconic pearls. Reports, then, revealed that there are underlying reasons behind this.

Queen Elizabeth and her “official uniform”

When the British Royals step out of their properties, the public is always keen on their fashion choices and appearances. For Queen Elizabeth, reports said that she had maintained an “official uniform” in each of her appearances and engagements.

She always wears “bright” and “cheerful” colors to stand out. In complementing the look, she, reportedly, pairs it with comfortable shoes to avoid blisters.

For her accessories, sources said that she has this “go-to” items. Based on photos, these are her black handbag and her three-strand pearls. In the end, the publication noted that the Queen has continued to complete her look with her pearls because it is part of her “uniform.”

Pearls are part of the royal tradition

Speaking to People, the author of The Queen’s Jewels, Leslie Field shared that pearls are “traditional,” not only for Queen Elizabeth but to all the Queens “going back thousand years ago.” She, also, deemed the pearls as “rare” and “lustrous.”

Aside from sticking to her “uniform,” the British Monarch, reportedly, wears her pearls all the time because of traditions. Accordingly, it is not surprising why she has a collection of them, ranging from single-strand pieces to six-strand pearl necklaces.

About her pearl necklace collection

Leslie Field continued and shared that Queen Elizabeth began to love pearls because of her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. As revealed, the previous British Monarch gave her daughters and granddaughters a pearl every year during their birthdays. So, when they reached the age of 18, they would, then, have enough pearls for a necklace.

King George VI, reportedly, continued the tradition. The author claimed that he gave the then-Princess Elizabeth a thin platinum chain, adding two pearls each year.

Reports added that Queen Elizabeth has a total of three three-strand pearl necklaces. She, reportedly, interchanges them in every engagement. Following her first three-strand from her father’s gifts to her, she had another one made. As for the third piece, the Emir of Qatar gifted her the same made in 1953 after learning about her most favorite piece of jewelry.

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