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Queen Elizabeth disowns Harry, Meghan Markle’s children: Rumor


Queen Elizabeth has, allegedly, decided to disown Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children amid their ongoing feud.

Globe published the misleading headline about Queen Elizabeth and the Sussexes in its latest issue. However, their story is more focused on the queen, allegedly, preventing Prince Harry from ruling Britain.

A source told the tabloid that the queen’s decision is more than just revenge for Prince Harry quitting his royal duties.

“It’s a concerted effort to ensure his diva wife can never become Queen Meghan. The idea that the woman who turned Harry against his family could ever end up being the face of this country must never be allowed. The royals are united on this,” the source said.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t disown the Sussexes

However, it is important to note that the queen doesn’t need to ban Prince Harry from ruling the British monarchy. After all, he’s not bound to become king.

It is Prince Harry’s older brother, Prince William, who is set to rule the monarchy after their dad, Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth allegedly furious

Still, the tabloid insisted that Prince Harry and Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was the last straw for Her Majesty.

“She was furious. She announced the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could not half-in, half-out royals. And to their shock, stripped them of their remaining patronages and Harry’s military honors. She told Harry, ‘You work for the monarchy, the monarchy doesn’t work for you,’” the source said.

The queen is also, allegedly, upset after the Sussexes fired back at her over her statement on service. The couple said that service is universal, contrary to what the queen suggested.

Prince William taking Queen Elizabeth’s side over Harry, Meghan

Prince William is also, allegedly, taking the queen’s side on this matter.

“He couldn’t believe Harry and Meghan’s insulting, defiant, and a petulant parting shot at the queen. What made it worse was their 99-year-old grandfather Prince Philip was fighting for his life in the hospital as the scandal erupted. William is stunned by how far Harry has distanced himself from his royal roots. He blames Meghan,” the source said.

However, Queen Elizabeth and Prince William haven’t released a statement regarding Prince Harry and Markle’s recent claims and upcoming interviews. As such, it’s unlikely for the tabloid’s claims to be accurate.

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