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Queen Elizabeth heartbreak: Prince Harry, Meghan ‘sad news’ for Queen revealed


Here’s what reportedly saddened Queen Elizabeth II.

When the Sussex couple left the British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth II supported their decision “publicly.” She released an official statement sharing how she, along with the rest of the Windsor clan, wants Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to find their peace outside the royal life.

Despite the well-wishes, the Duke and Duchess’ exit reportedly saddened many royal officials and fans. But, recent reports said that there is one other thing that truly saddens the British Monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II invited Meghan Markle and Prince Harry back

A few weeks into the new chapter of their lives, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received an invite from Queen Elizabeth II, according to sources. As stated, the British Monarch requested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to return to the United Kingdom and spend some time with her in Balmoral.

Reports noted that the invitation came in prior to the emergence of the pandemic crisis in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Accordingly, a lot of changes took place when COVID-19 hit both of the nations.

The Sussex couple accepted the invite from the British Monarch. However, the current crisis has reportedly put a halt on the royals’ plans. These include their summer vacation in the U.K. with Queen Elizabeth II.

Why the Queen is sad

Queen Elizabeth II’s invite comes after missing her great-grandchild, Archie Harrison, according to the Daily Express. As explained, she and her husband, Prince Philip, were “looking forward” to spending “quality time” with their youngest great-grandson. But, with the coronavirus, this is now “most unlikely to happen,” royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said.

It reportedly remains unclear, as well, whether the British Monarch will travel to Balmoral this summer. As added, the British Royals’ travels will “undoubtedly depend” on the ultimate response against the pandemic crisis in the country. It seems “unlikely,” though, the royal commentator suggested.

Royal updates amid the continued fight against COVID-19

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are still self-isolating in Windsor Castle. It reportedly remains undisclosed until when they will stay in the Berkshire property.

But, as they continue to minimize the risk of contracting the disease, Cheat Sheet claims that the British Monarch now feels “nervous.” As the sources continue to claim, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “next moves” reportedly still have a “huge impact” on the British Monarchy.

This is why Queen Elizabeth II feels “nervous” these days, the sources said.

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