Queen Elizabeth II fired Prince Charles’ nanny after getting defied

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II proved that she is not a great monarch but a loving mother, too. In fact, she gave Prince Charles whatever she thought he needed.

Queen Elizabeth II always has a set of requests each royal staff needs to follow. But decades ago, she fired one of Prince Charles’ nanny for defying her request.

According to royal author Bryan Kozlowski, Prince Charles had a nanny named Hellen Lightbody. She, reportedly, turned the heir to the throne to become a picky eater.

“In 1956, the queen sent the nursery a simple request that Charles, then 8 years old, be given a special pudding she thought he might like,” he wrote. “Nanny Lightbody refused, crossed the dessert from the menu, and incurred the crown’s wrath.”

Throughout Queen’s reign’s history, Kozlowski revealed that nobody dares to refuse Her Majesty’s request.

How Lightbody Turned Prince Charles as Picky Eater

Per the royal expert, the nanny enjoyed ruling over the palace kitchen using her challenging standards.

Since she was too strict when it comes to the prince’s food, royal staff often remade the dishes based on Lightbody’s wants.

Unfortunately, she also crossed out Queen Elizabeth II’s request, and it pushed the monarch to finally fire her.

Charles the Most Pampered King

Although Prince Charles is frequently referred to as the most spoilt royal due to his high demands, his wife said otherwise.

When Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall appeared on MasterChef Australia, she revealed that the Prince of Wales does not consume food three times a day.

As an adult now, Prince Charles makes his chefs follow strict rules when making breakfast.

Furthermore, Jeremy Paxman also mentioned in his book that Prince Charles has his own egg demands.

“Because his staff were never quite sure whether the egg would be precisely to the satisfactory hardness, a series of eggs was cooked, and laid out in an ascending row of numbers,” he disclosed.

Since he feels uncomfortable with number five, he would always take six or seven eggs with him.

In relation to this, Wendy Berry also wrote about royal eggs in her book The Housekeeper’s Diary. Per the former staff, Prince Charles would always bring his fellow huntsman to the palace for tea after hunting

In addition, he invited people to Highgrove for boiled eggs and whiskey. “When this happened, his detective would ring ahead on the mobile phone to give us advance warning of the numbers expected,” she recalled.

Berry also remembered how Prince Charles always wanted his eggs to be cooked for exactly three minutes only.

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