Queen Elizabeth II could risk losing her home because of this reason

Queen Elizabeth 'furious' over alleged royal staff mutiny

Queen Elizabeth II may risk losing her palace homes, including Buckingham Palace.

The historical homes of Queen Elizabeth II are high risks of devastating fires. This includes Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle, and all her other castles.

The threat level has jumped from medium risk in 2018 to high risk just in a year.

According to Lord Chamberlain’s Committee, the palace refurbishments, which cost around $477 million, could be a real danger.

The renovations have already been underway to avoid further “catastrophic building failure.”

An insider told Mirror, “A blaze would be catastrophic, particularly with the strain of the fallout over Prince Andrew and Harry and Meghan’s exit.”

The main concern in 1940s electric cable wires at Buckingham Palace has been described as “aging and potentially dangerous.”

The rewiring, boilers, and pipes are also being replaced.

They also have already coordinated with the London Fire Brigade in case the unfortunate happens.

The Brigade has carried out secret fire drills in Buckingham Palace, and fire patrols are already making sure that the safety measures are in place.

The 1992 fires

The monarch should hope nothing bad ever happens to one of her homes again.

The Lord Chamberlain’s Committee risk assessment has raised fears of another inferno, which could be the same as the blaze that happened in Windsor Castle in 1992.

The same year, Queen Elizabeth II was so upset that year, dubbing it “annus horribilis.”

According to reports, the fire was started by a spotlight that ignited a curtain near that altar of Queen Victoria’s private chapel. The inferno destroyed 115 rooms.

The repair cost about $42 million, which is where Her Majesty has been staying during the coronavirus pandemic.

Royal residences are targeted

The CEO of Republic is telling the Queen’s kids to “get their own homes” instead of living in the royal family residences.

Republic is an organization that campaigns for the abolishment of the British monarchy.

Robert Smith told Express that the UK taxpayers don’t owe Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, or Prince Edward a house.

“Yet we keep giving them these large extremely plush, luxurious residences in London and elsewhere at the taxpayers’ expense,” he said.

Smith added, “They then require huge spending on security, and there just is not any justification for that whatsoever.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Smith said that Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t remain the head of the UK since she is not independent or accountable.

He explained, “The role of the head of state should be to protect the Constitution and act as referee in the political process.”

“If you have someone stepping in and intervening, then they also have to be accountable for the decisions they make. The Queen can’t do that and won’t do that.”

Image courtesy of The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

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