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Queen Elizabeth II showed love for Prince Philip for the last time before his death


Queen Elizabeth II never got the chance to visit Prince Philip when he stayed in the hospital this year. However, Her Majesty made sure that the Duke of Edinburgh would feel her love for the last time.

Queen Elizabeth II took off her crown for a moment and focused on Prince Philip hours before his death.

In April, Prince Philip broke the royal family and watchers’ hearts with his passing. The Duke of Edinburgh died at the age of 99 due to “old age.”

Although the royal family already returned to their respective royal duties, they continue to mourn over the big loss. For Queen Elizabeth II, she will not surely forget the last moments she shared with her husband.

Queen Elizabeth II stayed with Prince Philip’s side

Royal sources recently revealed to The Telegraph how Her Majesty chose to be with Prince Philip as he died in his own bed.

Amid claims that the royal family tried to rush Prince Philip to the hospital, Queen Elizabeth II debunked the claims. According to the head of the monarchy, she wanted to grant the duke’s last wish of staying at home once he died.

“He spent most of the four weeks he was in hospital trying to get home. They operated on his heart in a bid to give him a little longer, maybe with the 100th birthday in mind. But he didn’t really care about that. There is no way he would have wanted to die in hospital,” the source said.

The heartwarming claim came after the head of the royal medicinal household, Sir Huw Thomas, said that the cause of death was due to “old age.”

Queen Elizabeth II also expressed her heartbreak in an emotional statement. She called her husband her strength who supported her all these years. She also noted how the countries and the family owe him something great.

Where is Prince Philip now?

On April 17, limited members of the royal family gathered at the St. George’s Chapel for the final day of the funeral.

However, the royal fault where Prince Philip’s body lies will not be his final resting place. His body will be transferred to King George’s memorial chapel once the Queen dies.

The chapel currently stores the remains of the Queen’s father, George VI. Queen Mother and Princess Margaret’s bodies also lie inside the chapel.

Prince Philip’s body currently stays inside a marble slab in the Quire after being lowered to the Royal Vault.

Featured image courtesy of Titanic Belfast, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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