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Queen Elizabeth II warned of the royal family’s ending soon


Queen Elizabeth II won people’s trust despite the petition being promoted by the anti-monarchy group, Republic.

Queen Elizabeth II currently holds the record for the longest-living monarch in the world. She also went through ups and downs and still successfully overcomes anything despite her old age.

However, amid the supports she receives, the anti-monarchy group Republic still launched a petition to end the monarchy.

What is Republic and what they want?

For years, the organization continuously called the abolishment of the monarchy. It also wants the Queen to be replaced by an elected and democratic head of state.

“The monarchy is a broken institution. A head of state that’s chosen by us could really represent our hopes and aspirations – and help us keep politicians in check,” their official website says.

Despite that, a royal commentator assured that Queen Elizabeth II remains the backbone of the country.

According to commentator Darren Grimes, the petition failed to affect Her Majesty. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II scored a higher approval rating ahead of her jubilee next year.

He also assured that the public would support their “selfless and devoted Monarch.

“After Megxit and the passing of the late and great Duke of Edinburgh, the Royal Family’s approval ratings are up. So many feel for Her Majesty The Queen,” he said, per the Express. “Most will back this UK-wide celebration of our selfless and devoted Monarch.”

Queen reaches new milestone

Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 will make her the first British monarch to reach the milestone.

The event will be held from June 2 to 5. A concert will be, reportedly, held at Buckingham Palace while other events, including pageants, street parties, and horse racing among others.

However, Graham Smith, the head of Republic, saw the event as alarming and dangerous. He also suggested that it should focus on the public amid the pandemic.

“The royals do little for Britain, yet they demand a lot. As we put the Covid crisis behind us next year, national celebrations should be centered on the ordinary people who make this country great,” he said.

He added that reaching 70 years in public is not something they should celebrate. Instead, he and the organization see it as something not beneficial to Britain.

As Queen Elizabeth reaches that point, the group believes that they near to finally abolishing the monarchy.

Featured image courtesy of UK Home Office, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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