Queen Elizabeth II will not be able to protect monarchy soon, says Anti-Royal group


Queen Elizabeth II suffered from another damaging statement after an anti-royal group told her that she would not be able to rule the monarchy soon.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the longest-living monarchy. However, her stint might end soon as Republic issued another warning about her reign.

In an exclusive interview with express.co.uk, the Republic’s CEO, Graham Smith, slammed the Queen once again.

His group has been campaigning for the abolishment of the monarchy for years now. In addition, it also calls for Queen Elizabeth II to be the last monarch of the U.K.

What the CEO Said

Per Smith, Queen Elizabeth II is no longer independent or accountable.

He also pointed out that Her Majesty already proved that she would do whatever the Prime Minister tells her, even if it is constitutionally wrong.

“The big problem is that our head of state should be independent from the Government and should be able to intervene when a Government says they know what they are doing is going to break international law,” he explained. “You would expect the head of state to be able to say you cannot do that.”

Smith also unrolled the current situation of the Government policies.

According to the Republic’s head, the role of the head of the state should be to safeguard the constitution and its people. However, in the past few years, Queen Elizabeth II became involved in the political process.

The royal family has been following the rules of neutrality. This prevents the members from getting involved in problems related to the government.

“If you have someone stepping in and intervening, then they also have to be accountable for the decisions they make,” he continued. “The Queen can’t do that and won’t do that.”

What is the problem with the monarchy?

Since Queen Elizabeth II keeps overlooking the monarchy’s neutrality, this would jeopardize her long-established popularity among Brexiteers.

Smith said that Her Majesty could create a powerful word with the government secretly while making public statements at the same time.

This will soon affect Queen Elizabeth II’s record, and anyone below her might follow what she does.

“The Government would simply turn round and say you fail us we will fail you. I think it would make republicans out of a lot of Brexiteers,” Smith added.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s supporters, who would find it out, could see it as a betrayal by the head of the monarchy. Unfortunately, it will truly lead to the end of the royal family.

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