Queen Elizabeth lands in LA to confront Meghan Markle rumor debunk

Queen Elizabeth lands in LA to confront Meghan Markle rumor debunk

Queen Elizabeth II is allegedly in Los Angeles to confront Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, according to an outlet.

Queen Elizabeth II has been very supportive of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, several outlets claimed that there’s a rift between Her Majesty and the Sussexes.

One outlet claimed that the Queen flew to California just to confront Markle about the much-talked book Finding Freedom. The book is a biography about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by royal correspondents Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

Queen Elizabeth will confront Meghan

New Idea published a report with the Queen on the cover. “Queen lands in LA Tense Showdown with Meghan,” the headline reads.

The outlet alleged that the Queen flew to California to confront Meghan Markle about the book Finding Freedom. Her Majesty reportedly did it because she “feels the only person Meghan and Harry will truly listen to is herself.”

The same report added that the Queen was furious and disappointed with the Sussexes. She allegedly planned to read the riot act to them.

Rumor debunk

Gossip Cop debunks the report that the Queen is in L.A. to confront Meghan Markle. The cover claims that Queen Elizabeth II is in L.A. and added photos of Her Majesty exiting an airplane.

However, the article itself did not say that the Queen landed in Los Angeles. It just stated that the Queen ordered her aides to draw up safe and secure plans for her to fly in L.A.

Planning a trip is very different from what its cover suggests.

Thus, Gossip Cop called the entire report “false” because the title and the content do not match.

Moreover, the photo used on the report was taken when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip traveled to Scotland for a holiday.

Meghan looks up to Angelina Jolie

In related news, Meghan Markle reportedly looks up to Brad Pitt’s ex Angelina Jolie.

Markle is an actress before she met and married Prince Harry. However, she decided to quit acting when she joined the royal family.

She also focuses on doing charity works when she officially became a royal. But before that, Markle has a history of working with various charities and organizations, just like the Maleficent star.

“She also looked up to actresses like Angelina Jolie, who had become a force of her own in the charitable space, focusing mostly on humanitarian projects that she interspersed with the more commercial ones, and funding her life with the occasional brand deal,” the book read per Express.

Image used courtesy of Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

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