Queen Elizabeth ‘never had pizza’ in her life, royal chef claims

Queen Elizabeth has strict eating routines.

Queen Elizabeth and most of the senior working royals have already traveled to different countries. On their trips, they have certainly tried different kinds of cuisines and dishes.

Reports said that the British Monarch even tried a rat stew once. While she may have tried other exotic dishes, she has, reportedly, never eaten pizza in her life.

The revelations come after her former royal chef, Darren McGrady, revealed it with Us Weekly. He shared, though, which royal households and British Royals love to eat pizza.

Queen Elizabeth likely never tried pizza

Speaking to the publication, Darren McGrady, who worked for Queen Elizabeth for more than a decade, said that in his time cooking for the British Monarch, he never once prepared pizza for her. He added that he did not start preparing the Italian staple until he moved to work inside Kensington Palace.

Among all the British Royals, Prince William likes pizza the most. He said that he prepared a “tikka masala” pizza for him because he is fond of eating Indian cuisines.

It remains unclear, though, whether the Queen tried it after McGrady’s watch. Nevertheless, the royal chef was not able to explain why the senior royal did not request pizza or any of the like to him. One possible explanation in this is that she follows strict eating routines inside Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth likely never tried pizza

She eats the same kind of meals every day

Cheat Sheet reported that Queen Elizabeth dines “four times” per day. These, reportedly, include her meals during breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner.

During breakfast, the publication revealed that the Queen loves white toast with marmalade and a cup of hot tea. For lunch, she prefers small pieces of fish or chicken. She, reportedly, pairs it with a bowl of salad and garden vegetables,

In the afternoon, sources said that she takes her afternoon tea with sandwiches. Other publications revealed, though, that she likes to eat some desserts during this time, especially when she is hosting a tea party for guests. As for dinner, she, reportedly, takes more fish or meat that has “roasted vegetables” on the side.

The meals she likes and avoids

Queen Elizabeth “studiously” avoids starch-rich foods, like pasta. This is probably the reason why she has never tried pizza during McGrady’s time in Buckingham Palace. Aside from starchy sides, reports said that she never eats garlic, despite it being Prince Philip’s favorite.

She, reportedly, tries to limit her desserts and sweets. But, the royal chef revealed that Queen Elizabeth is a chocolate lover. The darker, the better, he added, and even described her a “chocoholic.”

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