Queen Elizabeth ousted Meghan Markle from the Royal Family: report

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is, reportedly, furious at Meghan Markle due to the new book called Finding Freedom.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s move to expose many things about the Royal Family has angered the 94-year-old British Matriarch. As a result, she, allegedly, banned the former Suits actress from their clan.

The Duchess of Sussex was expelled from Windsor

The National Enquirer published an article titled “Queen bans Meghan Forever,” it was claimed that the Queen had enough of the duchess.

She exploded and lost it when the bombshell biography was published. The reveal of the royal family’s dirty laundry was the last straw that pushed Queen Elizabeth to banish Meghan Markle.

In a fit of rage, the publication reported that the Queen told the Duchess of Sussex that she is not part of the House of Windsor anymore.

“Her Majesty ordered Meghan banned for life!” An insider supposedly told the tabloid. “But not Harry! The monarch made it clear Harry and his son, Archie, are welcome any time – alone!”

The royals’ dirty laundry

Queen Elizabeth even “bent over backwards” to welcome Meghan Markle to the family and accommodate the Sussexes’ demands to live independently.

She also allowed them to return if they changed their minds in a year. Despite these, Harry and Meghan seem to be settling the score by revealing the royals’ dirty laundry to the public.

“The vicious attacks against senior royals, including Her Majesty herself, are sickening,” the source said. “And no matter how much Harry and Meghan deny it, several specific incidents can’t have come from anyone but them, directly or through friends.”

For what they did, the Queen cannot forgive or forget. Her Majesty finds the ‘Finding Freedom’ biography as a form of betrayal, and she will not tolerate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry any longer.

The Queen demanded to talk to Meghan Markle

A palace insider alleged that Queen Elizabeth wants to have a discussion with Meghan. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the former actress can’t travel to the U.K., so they talked via video conference instead.

“She ordered a video conference where she bluntly told Harry’s wife, ‘You are not family!’ a courtier, allegedly, told the magazine.

“Meghan’s persistent betrayals meant she was banned from ever returning – even to the couple’s British home, Frogmore Cottage. While Her Majesty loves her grandson, Meghan’s burned every royal bridge.”

The truth

This story seems to be accurate since there are claims lifted from the Finding Freedom book, but Gossip Cop is debunking this report.

The publication stated that Queen Elizabeth did not ban Meghan Markle from their family. As proof, the royals, including Her Majesty, greeted Prince Harry’s wife on her recent birthday.

They used Instagram to send their greetings on her special day. Also, if the Queen removed her from the House of Windsor, there would have been an official statement from the royals.

The truth is – Meghan Markle will remain part of the Firm as long as she is married to Prince Harry.

Featured Image Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

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