Queen Elizabeth draws up plans for Megxit’s conclusion: report

Queen Elizabeth draws up plans for Megxit's conclusion: Report

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely lose their royal patronages as Queen Elizabeth now reportedly starts to draw plans for Megxit.

Talks over Megxit continue to loom over the public as the deal’s conclusion fastly approaches. Queen Elizabeth, alongside the rest of the senior royals, appeared to have given Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a year to work things over about their shocking exit.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially left their royal posts on March 31, 2020. As the expiration now nears its arrival, the British Monarch has started to draw up plans, according to The Sun.

Queen Elizabeth has called emergency meetings

Palace sources claimed that Queen Elizabeth had ordered meetings with her aides to discuss the end of Megxit. As reported, the committee is drawing up new plans over which royals will “take over” the Sussex couple’s honorary roles.

Reports continued that the public can expect a series of announcements from Buckingham Palace ahead of March 31. Some insiders even noted that all matters relating to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s deal with the British Monarch and other senior royals will “be settled before” the aforementioned date.


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Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Markle upset?

Amid all the speculations about the expiration of Megxit, some sources claimed that this bothers the Sussexes. This is reportedly because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are allegedly “resigned” to losing their royal roles and patronages.

The Duke of Sussex even reportedly told his friends that he is “upset” with Queen Elizabeth, according to the Daily Mirror. He allegedly felt this, especially after ruling out that he should lose his military appointments.

The same tipster, then, asserted that either Prince William or Princess Anne will take over the Royal Marines role. Whoever receives the appointment, the armed forces family will reportedly “widely” accept it.

A second Sussex child

This all comes days after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry confirmed their second pregnancy. They made their announcement using a black-and-white photo, wherein the Duchess of Sussex cradles her baby bump.

Royal sources told People that the Sussex couple is “besotted parents,” adding that they can no longer wait to share it with their second child. The same informant also emphasized that the pair are “so happy to have their little family.”

Reports said that Queen Elizabeth learned about the pregnancy before the couple shared it with the public. This consequently reportedly “delighted” the British Monarch and Prince Charles, as per palace sources.


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