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Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip’s marriage ‘shockingly collapsed’? Here’s the truth


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married for over 70 years already, but one outlet claimed that their marriage has collapsed.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are not very tactile. Also, they are not often seen together in pubic following his retirement. But one outlet took it further, claiming that they were no longer together.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip’s marriage over rumors

National Enquirer published a report claiming that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s “72-year marriage has shockingly collapsed.” It reportedly happened on the eve of their anniversary.

The tabloid also claimed that the monarch banished her husband to a remote cottage far away. It also alleged that the royal couple have “been living separate lives for over 50 years” already.

The outlet also covered Prince Philip’s alleged cheating history. It added that the Queen, herself, investigated his infidelity and developed a  “secret dossier naming all the women” he had been with. That’s not all, the Queen also allegedly had a list of his rumored love children.

Eventually, the Queen reportedly decided to “stop living a lie and bring the curtain down on the farce” and end their marriage.

“Her Majesty never wants to see Philip again,” the article concluded.

Rumor debunked

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are not tactile and not as visible as before. However, this doesn’t mean that their marriage is in crisis. In fact, they have been spotted together a few weeks ago.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh recently returned to London after their trip to Scottish Highlands, Gossip Cop reported.

The rumor-debunking site also doesn’t believe that the senior royals are arguing publicly as what the tabloid implies. The pair has been married for generation after generation, and they have been spending time together, which doesn’t follow the tabloid’s outrageous claim.

Also, this isn’t the first rumor about the couple’s marriage in crisis. National Enquirer’s report claimed that the Queen banished her husband. In a previously debunked story, Her Majesty allegedly banned Meghan Markle. Both banning claims are not true.

Moreover, an insider said that even if the couple are living in separate homes, they still talk on the phone every day. Also, the Queen supports Prince Philip’s decision to live in another home because he deserves a “proper retirement.”

According to an insider, the Queen knows her husband too well. She knew that if he would stay in Buckingham Palace and in the center of royal life, he would feel obliged to get himself involved in their engagements.

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