Queen Elizabeth revelation: Charles’ mom reportedly ‘prides’ herself on being technically advanced


Queen Elizabeth has reached another tech milestone after she made her first Zoom call last week.

Numerous royal fans got worried about Queen Elizabeth when it was announced that her son, Prince Charles, has tested positive for the COVID-19 in March.

Aside from her advanced age, Her Majesty has been rumored to abdicate very soon due to her fragile health. Thankfully, these speculations appear to be untrue.

Prince Charles’ mom used Zoom to communicate amid coronavirus pandemic

In fact, Woman’s Day New Zealand, in its upcoming June 29, 2020 issue, reported that Queen Elizabeth has been very active while at home amid the present global health crisis.

An unnamed source told the entertainment news outlet that Her Majesty has always been technically advanced despite her age. It stated that the Queen even used Zoom for the very first time to mark the UK Carers’ Week.

The anonymous tipster said:

“She has been practicing by using Zoom with her family and close staff, and she felt comfortable enough to take her newfound computer skills public.”

It added:

“The Queen will be an innovator until her last breath. She prides herself on being up with modern technology.”

Aside from the carers, Queen Elizabeth, also, spoke with her sister, Princess Anne on the video call. Her Majesty donned a vibrant floral-print dress, a pink-colored lipstick, and a pearl necklace during the said video call.

Harper’s Bazaar reported that the grandmother of Prince William and Prince Harry Zoomed from her office at the Windsor Castle, where she has been residing with Prince Philip since March.

Her Majesty brilliantly responded to never-ending health concerns

Meanwhile, Express UK recalled how Queen Elizabeth proved that she can still do a physical task perfectly despite her fears about her health and advanced age.

The sister of Princess Anne was filed during a royal engagement to celebrate the centenary of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

In a released clip, Queen Elizabeth was seen handing her handbag to an aide before she walked towards the site where a young tree was planted.

The event host, then, offered Her Majesty two options: to let the chairman of the institute complete the task or she does it herself. To everyone’s surprise, the Queen chose the latter.

“Oh no. I can plant a tree,” the British ruler responded and started to use the shovel to push soil around the young tree. She, then, revealed that she has never planted anything like that before.

Some audience members offered claps to Queen Elizabeth after she finished the job and told the organizers it was “very kind” of them to let her grace the event.

Image used courtesy of Mr Pics/Shutterstock

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