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Queen Elizabeth stepping down after 95th birthday, Prince Philip’s funeral rumor


Queen Elizabeth II is ready to step down after her birthday and days after Prince Philip’s funeral, a report says.

Queen Elizabeth II is still grieving over the passing of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. One outlet claims that she is ready to retire after her 95th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth allegedly retiring

Prince Philip passed away on April 9, and out outlet claimed that his dying wish is for his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, to step down and allow their eldest son, Prince Charles, take over the throne., Woman’s Day reported.

The Prince of Wales and Duke of Edinburgh allegedly had a heartfelt discussion last month when the latter was in the hospital with heart problems. Among the topics they talked about was the future of the monarchy. The insider claimed that the Queen is stepping down sometime after her 95th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday on Wednesday. The source said the Queen was never keen on it because she promised to serve the monarchy all her life. However, after her husband passed away, her perspective changed.

“There will be discussions around Charles stepping up as her regent,” the insider said.

Her Majesty is not stepping down

Gossip Cop examined the report about the Queen allegedly stepping down from the throne. The rumor-debunking site finds the article unbelievable.

The outlet also noted Woman’s Day’s reputation for publishing false reports. For instance, a year ago, it claimed that Princess Anne took the crown from Prince Charles, which never happened. The succession is determined by Parliament and not by anyone in the royal family.

The same outlet also claimed in December that the Queen was ready to name Prince William as the new king. It was another phony narrative that Gossip Cop debunked. Again, it never happened. And it’s unlikely to happen because the Queen already said that she would never step down from the throne and serve the monarchy until her last breath.

Other reports about the royal family

The royal family is not celebrities, but several tabloids have been following them. Express claimed earlier that the Queen’s royal household is attempting to shut down the war between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the crown.

The Queen has had enough of the drama and wants to end the dispute between the Sussexes and the royal family. Prince Harry already spoke to Prince Charles and Prince William after Prince Philip’s funeral. However, several sources claimed that it was not enough to mend their rift.

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