Queen Elizabeth strapped for cash that’s why she’s selling sloe gin: Rumor

Queen Elizabeth strapped for cash that's why she's selling sloe gin: Rumor

Queen Elizabeth is, allegedly, struggling financially that’s why she’s selling a new gin variant.

According to Globe, even the royal family was hit hard by the pandemic that’s why Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the British clan are thinking of ways how to generate income.

Sloe gin information

And one of the best ways to make money for the royal family is to sell sloe gin. After all, the gin that the queen sold last year was sold out within just a few hours.

“The new Sandringham Best Bitter beer is cold-filtered from three varieties of hops with a 4.3 percent alcohol content. The Sandringham Golden IPA (India Pale Ale) is an amber-colored brew also from three types of hops and a harder, 5-percent kick. Known as a penny-pincher, the queen plans to pull in plenty of green from the brews, selling them for $5.50 for each 17-ounce bottle,” the tabloid said.

Queen Elizabeth sloe gin still available online

Queen Elizabeth sloe gin still available online

The ingredients for the sloe gin include sloe berries grown in the palace gardens and steeped in the concocted royal gin.

But unlike last year’s gin variant, the queen’s sloe gin is still in stock today. On the Royal Collection Shop website, it was revealed that only UK residents may purchase the sloe gin.

“Producing a light ruby color reminiscent of plums, cranberries, cloves, and kirsch creates a clean and medium aroma with an intensity on the nose. ​The palate is medium sweet with flavor characteristics of plums, marzipan, and bitterness from the citrus fruits, followed by the juniper and ginger spices,” the information on the website read.

They also gave a suggestion on how to best serve the sloe gin.

“For the perfect cocktail, try a Sloe Royale, pour a 25ml measure of Buckingham Palace Sloe gin into a fluted glass. Top up with champagne or sparkling wine and garnish with fresh berries or orange peel,” they said.

Queen Elizabeth rumors debunked

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t directly sell the product. While it is true that the royal family suffered tremendous loss amid the pandemic, it’s untrue that Her Majesty is strapped for cash.

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