Queen Elizabeth wants to crown Prince William on his anniversary to Kate Middleton: Rumor

Queen Elizabeth wants to crown Prince William on his anniversary to Kate Middleton: Rumor

Queen Elizabeth has, allegedly, been planning Prince William’s upcoming coronation before her husband, Prince Philip passed away.

According to New Idea, there is no doubt in her mind that Prince William is her rightful successor. As such, Queen Elizabeth called Prince Charles and Prince William for a meeting weeks ago to discuss her plans.

Prince William will succeed Queen Elizabeth not Prince Charles?

Royal expert Clive Irving claimed that Prince Charles isn’t fit to rule the monarchy. Prince William, on the other hand, is fully equipped for the job especially since he handled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s controversial interview with ease.

“He is well able to handle it, as painful as it must be for him. And, in Kate, he has a wife who shares his sense of duty and will always be a rock for him in turbulent times. William has long realized that he has to be the non-Harry. And more and more, he and Kate are the stoics, the no-drama couple in a family all too full of drama,” he said.

Prince William’s coronation will take place this month

Another source claimed that Prince William will be crowned on the eve of his 10th wedding anniversary. However, the coronation won’t be a public event because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Later on, a public coronation will, allegedly, be held once the COVID-19 restrictions ease.


Queen Elizabeth relies on Prince William, Kate Middleton

Meanwhile, royal expert Penny Junor also weighed in on Prince William and Middleton’s popularity as the future king and queen consort of the United Kingdom.

“They are a thoroughly modern couple, but at the same time, they’re still quite traditional at heart. William is well aware that it is dangerous to be seen as a celebrity, as his mother was and the Sussexes now are. He and Kate work hard to keep their egos out of it,” Junor said.

However, it is unlikely for Prince William to be crowned secretly on April 29. After all, Prince Charles will be the one to succeed the queen, since this is what the Order of Succession dictates.

And the only way for Prince William to be crowned as king is after Prince Charles dies or abdicates.

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