Queen Elizabeth worried about Prince Charles not being fit to be king: Rumor

Queen Elizabeth worried about Prince Charles not being fit to be king: Rumor

Queen Elizabeth II was allegedly worried about Prince Charles’ suitability as the next king, according to a report.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch, and Prince Charles is the longest heir to the throne. The Prince of Wales has prepared all his life to be the next king, but there are rumors that the Queen is questioning his leadership skills.

Queen Elizabeth II allegedly worried about Prince Charles’ leadership

The Crown Season 4 showed Prince Charles being kicked out of the palace. The Netflix series has allegedly renewed the cries for him to step aside as the next monarch, and the fury was never as bad as it was, according to Woman’s Day.

Queen Elizabeth II was allegedly concerned about the public response. So, she is considering heeding the renewed cries to have Prince Charles step down as the heir to the throne.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report because it was not true. First, Queen Elizabeth II has no power over who her successor will be. Also, Her Majesty stood by Prince Charles over the years and through his affair. The claims that she wanted him out of the line of succession is false.

Prince Charles has been plagued with various rumors as he waits for the day when he will be crowned king. National Enquirer also claimed that he would be a terrible king. The tabloid quoted an anonymous source claiming that the Prince of Wales is “not fit to take the crown – and psychological and behavioral experts warn having Charles in charge will spell the end of the monarchy.”

The vague story quoted a questionable source claiming he was linked to Princess Diana’s death and alleging that he has a silent battle with dementia.

Globe also claimed Prince William and Prince Harry’s father had been drinking off the chart, and his friends already wanted to intervene. 

Gossip Cop busted those stories for lack of evidence. Globe used the heir apparent’s natural flush complexion to argue that he has a drinking problem.

Other rumors about Prince Charles

Moreover, this is not the first time National Enquirer made rumors about Prince Charles’ succession. In a separate report, the same outlet claimed Queen Elizabeth II was near death and wanted to skip Prince Charles and make Prince William the next king.

Kate Middleton’s husband was allegedly determined to be the next king after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit. So, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince of Wales were allegedly fighting because the latter had no plans of stepping down.

The same report was not true. Prince William made it clear in his past interview that he has no intention of succeeding the throne before his father.


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