Queen won’t stay silent if Prince Harry, Meghan will allow ‘mistruths’: report

Queen and Prince Harry

Queen Elizabeth will no longer stay silent if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will allow mistruths over a row concerning baby Lili’s name.

Queen Elizabeth II and the other members of the royal family have followed the mantra “never complain, never explain.” However, the monarch is ready to break it if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will continue the false reports surrounding their baby’s name, a report says.

Queen Elizabeth allegedly breaking the mantra

There were various reports about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s choice of name for their daughter.  An unnamed insider recently spoke with Daily Mail and said that aside from baby Lili’s name, the claims that the Queen already met the newborn through video call is not true.

“No video call has taken place,” a source told Daily Mail.

“Friends of the Sussexes appear to have given misleading briefings to journalists about what the Queen had said and that took the whole thing over the edge. The Palace couldn’t deny the story that this was a mistruth.’”

The anonymous source added that it was ironic that Prince Harry speaks about the “barrage of mistruths” on social media but did not correct their pals’ interviews.

Baby Lili’s name controversy

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor on June 4. Two days after her arrival, the couple announced her birth and confirmed her name.

However, a report from BBC by royal corespondent Jonny Dymond citing an unnamed palace source alleged that the couple “never asked” the Queen’s permission before announcing it. “Lilibet” is the Queen’s moniker.

It is significant because it stems from her childhood when Her Majesty couldn’t pronounce her own name and instead called herself, Lilibet. King George V called the Queen using the said nickname.

Queen Elizabeth also signed her handwritten card on to of Prince Philip’s coffin with “Lilibet.” The late Duke of Edinburgh also loved to call Her Majesty “Lilibet” when he was live.

Prince Harry and Markle responded to the report by releasing a legal letter warning BBC and the other outlets about the report which they called “false and defamatory.” They also discouraged other outlets from repeating such false claims.

According to the Sussexes’ spokesperson, Prince Harry spoke with his family before the announcement. In fact, it was the Queen whom Prince Harry called first. During the call, he shared his plans to name their daughter Lilibet to honor her and she was reportedly supportive of Prince Harry and Markle’s plan.

Image used courtesy of E! News/YouTube Screenshot

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