Queer representation in video games have helped the community gain a lot of respect

Queer representation in video games has come a long way for the community as a matter of respect.

Video games have always been diverse in including roles of characters and preferring their sexuality based on the queer community.

In video games, we have often seen how the gameplay has respected every single character and their choice of sexual preference.

The last game that was successful in the depiction was an asexual character in Backstage, which raged the fans because of inappropriate gestures that did not clarify the character’s choices.

And then there was another series which proclaimed a side story with an asexual character and two copies of that which was available with the help of Xbox Game Pass.

How have the video game community garnered respect?

It is a big respect for the queer community, and now that the pride month has passed, many activists have said that the general representation of the community in the platform has been a huge turnout for the best.

Many young audiences actively understand the meaning and the importance of every sexuality rather than being ignorant. If it continues, video games will set off as a better example to help students and kids understand the importance of social representation from various dimensions.

Stories of these kinds in the representation of video games have helped many people learn more about people in the community than those who had no clear idea. Since video game is a wide media and can reach out to a large mass, it is easier to depict the form of the audience like this based on games.

For example, Life Is Strange is one such video game that has focused on the bisexual community, and this has been a wonder for many fans and like-minded players where Sam and Max are given a chance to stay together forever.

Video game creates a safe space for like-minded people

The environment in which these videos have been set has created a safe space for people to roam freely and explore the various choices that lie for them without facing any negative consequence, just like the real world.

Also, most of the actors and actresses are taking an active part in the promotion of the games because they believe that the team have come down to a greater role and especially for the stories which are being shared on various platforms,

So on this hand, video games give people a chance to explore their choices in the comfort of their own home without thinking of anyone’s judgment.


Image courtesy of Designs By IFR/YouTube

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