Quibi downloads reach 1.7 million in its first week

Quibi-downloads-breaches-1.7-million-mark-in-its-first- week

After its product launch on April 6, a new video streaming app called ‘Quibi’ has hit over 1.7 million downloads in 7 days. The app enjoyed a high user acceptability rate despite the coronavirus pandemic.

According to BBC News, this new video-streaming app streams original content with durations 10 minutes or shorter. The app name comes from the term “quick bite.” It is designed for fleeting and in-between moments, such as when one is taking a short walk home or commuting.

Currently, the app is accessible on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets. But after the successful product launch, Quibi Developer Head Meg Whitman confirms they have plans to make it available on bigger screens soon.

Features loved by its users

Users have taken a liking to the app because of a feature called ‘Turnstile’ which allows its users to stay full screen either in portrait or landscape orientations.

The following video walks us through the top 10 features of Quibi:

Quibi Developer gives free premium access to users for 90 days

Although the company has released the app with a 90-day free trial, reviews show that Quibi content remains uncompromised. This means the app offers only the most highly-sought after content to all the 1.7 million users who downloaded the app, as opposed to competitors who are offering free trial access to 3-star content.

These happy and satisfied users share details about their experience with Quibi and report what they like about the platform.

Reaping the rewards

The company said it had done everything imaginable to meet customer expectations and to make sure Quibi gets the attention it deserves. It aims to bring a fresh face to the world of entertainment through its innovative interface, high-quality content, and receptive customer service.

Though business analysts have predicted its user acceptability to be at 1.5 million, the app developers are happy to have attracted more users than this count.

Could the coronavirus lockdowns have had an impact on Quibi launching and acceptability?

Whitman believes that the lockdown may have been a contributing factor but asserts that it has not harmed the results of the launch.

Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg adds that they will be directing their efforts to improve Quibi and compete with other video streaming services.


 Feature image used courtesy of WatchMojo.com/Youtube Screenshot.

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