Quibi flips the script on mobile only viewing

Quibi flips the script on mobile only viewing

Quibi launched its only video streaming app last week. It is now working double time to implement a feature that may allow users to cast its content on TV.

In the mid of this pandemic, people are forced to find entertainment for themselves within the confines of their homes.

The default form of entertainment can be found on the internet. Data has shown that more and more people are spending time on their phones and on their gadgets more than usual.

Peak internet usage hours are also a thing of the past. People’s eyes are actually stuck to their screen during this pandemic.

Quibi saw that as an opportunity and proceeded to launch its online video streaming app.

Quibi wanted to people to use the app differently

Quibi originally designed the app for people to use during short waiting periods. Those can happen during the commute, the line for the doctor’s appointment, or the queue for everyone’s morning coffee.

Those situations are close to non-existing during this time of the lockdown. There are no people moving about. The only waiting that happens is the wait for the Coronavirus to die its natural death.

Moreover, the company also wanted the app to be housed within the smartphone screen only. It seems like another foresight was missed. People are complaining that the app doesn’t have a “cast to TV” feature.

Quibi users find it awkward to be sharing a personal screen with multiple people watching t the same time. It just seems unnatural.

Fast-tracking the TV casting feature

In an interview, the CEO of Quibi said that the original plan was for the app to have the TV casting feature roll out six months after its launch. That is basically the period wherein the original six months’ worth of content for the app is replenished for newer ones.

They made this roadmap with the vision that people will use the app more for the original design, which is during those short wait periods in their daily lives.

As more people are forced to stay at home, the need for the TV Casting feature is increased. Hence, the company is having all engineers work double-time to add the feature.

There was no concrete timeline provided for the rollout of the TV Casting. Luckily for the app, since it is cloud-based, engineers do not need to report to the office to work on this.

The entire system of Quibi is cloud-based; therefore, the engineers tasked for the job may roll out the feature from the confines of their homes.


Image courtesy of Unsplash/ Joshua Newton

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