Quibi unveils bite-sized streaming content that pack a punch

Quibi unveils bite-sized streaming content that pack a punch

Quibi has recently launched its online streaming platform offering short video content targeted for mobile users.

Quibi, based in the U.S., is another player in the content streaming market presently crowded by the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+.

Unlike these companies, however, Quibi’s unique selling proposition is its promise to provide powerful content in a short period of time. These short-form videos may last anywhere from eight to ten minutes.

US$1.8 billion investment

The visionaries behind Quibi are apparently not messing around after securing initial funding of US$1.8 billion (AUS$2.9 billion) to launch the app. The company has heavily invested in well-curated content that features A-list superstars such as Sophie Turner and Chance the Rapper.

Rob Post, Quibi’s chief technology officer said the road to the launch was a long and expensive one.

There was no room for the app to launch tepidly and Post reportedly put the pressure on the company’s chief product officers to deliver a polished product that delivered a seamless experience.

‘Quick bites’ in Smartphones only

Quibi executives envisioned the platform being used to give quick bites of video content for users during wait periods in queues, in commutes, and in clinical appointments.

As such, the content may only be enjoyed by its users on smartphones. The app prevents the content from being viewed on television sets.

Many reviewers found this to be quite irksome, especially for content in the app that can be shared with family and friends.

Nevertheless, the content for the app is wide-ranging and includes drama series, sports series, and even news content care of CNN, BBC, and ESPN.

‘Turnstyle’ technology

Unlike other streaming apps, Quibi said it is able to provide a feature that allows its viewers to view the content either in a horizontal or vertical perspective without sacrificing a cinematic experience.

This is a feature that was heavily invested in by the founders. They found it as a necessity that users may be able to enjoy the value of the content not just in landscape orientation, but in portrait as well.

The content was shot for both perspectives. The main focus for both perspectives was cleverly designed so as not to take away the eyes of the viewers from the main scene.

Subscription fees and services

The app is now offering a 90-day free trial for those that will download in April. Thereafter, the services of the app shall be accessible for $4.99/month with ads or $7.99 per month without ads.

Featured image courtesy of Quibi.

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