R Kelly suffers from physical abuse inside jail, new court docs says

R. Kelly

R Kelly is being abused inside the jail. However, no guard, reportedly, ever “raised a finger” to stop another inmate from attacking him.

A new video of R Kelly shows how the infamous star endured punches from his co-inmate. Following the incident, his lawyers came forward and claimed in a new court document that nobody ever stopped the feud.

Soon after the clip reached R Kelly’s lawyers, they submitted a filing stating that Jeremiah Farmer assaulted the singer.

Per the document, Farmer continuously punched the 53-year-old singer inside a cell in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. R. Kelly was sent in there for federal abuse charges.

According to CNN, the inmate aimed to get media attention for himself. Thus, he ended up using R Kelly and punched him repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the assault, reportedly, caused “significant physical and psychological injuries” to R. Kelly.

More info about the legal document

Far from what the document revealed, a guard identified as D. Szyhowski, reportedly, stopped Farmer from beating R. Kelly.

The Bureau of Prison also mentioned that the guard sprayed pepper spray to Farmer to stop the commotion.

“[Farmer] roamed a great distance within the MCC before carrying out that act, without any opposition,” R Kelly’s lawyers said. “An unresolved issue remains as to whether MCC personnel encouraged, and then allowed, a beating of Mr. Kelly to take place. That alone merits an evidentiary hearing.”

Why is R Kelly in jail?

In 2019, the New York Police Department and Homeland Security officials arrested the singer for over 13 different trafficking charges.

Per the U.S. Attorney’s Office, among the charges filed against R. Kelly included child abuse and obstruction of justice.

Currently, he is facing federal and state charges. Apart from the aforementioned charges, he also received counts for child trafficking and criminal abuse.

In New York, R Kelly received including racketeering and trafficking charges.

As of the writing, he has not pleaded guilty to any charges yet.

These issues were first discussed in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Per the series, he used to see teenage girls before he began his career.

He also had 10 counts of aggravated criminal abuse and 11 more offenses. Still, he pleaded not guilty to any of those.

In 2008, he first stood on the court over offenses when his name got involved in a child trafficking case.

R Kelly still serves his time inside the facility as of the writing.

Featured image courtesy of CBS News Official Youtube Channel

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