Rachel Green’s style is still relevant 25 years after ‘Friends’

Rachel Green was the fashion icon throughout the entire run of the Friends series, and that is an undeniable fact!

Sure, Monica had great taste in boots (despite not being able to walk in them), and we respect Phoebe’s charmingly eccentric ensembles, but Rachel had a penchant for wearing the most au courant trends of the times (the late ’90s and early ’00s). She also worked in the fashion industry for Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren and is still our inspiration for styling overalls to this day.

Style still relevant

It’s no surprise then that Rachel Green outfits are as relevant as ever. The show ruled television from 1994 to 2004, a formative time for many millennials, style-wise.

When we started paying closer attention to what we picked out for school, we first selected an outfit for a formal dance and developed our love for the classic ’90s slip dress. And what did we consistently lean on for inspiration? Rachel Green’s style.

Rachel won a special place in our hearts (and closets), evolving from a pouf-sleeve runaway bride to a hardcore fashion, with gigs at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren.

So now, more than 25 years after the show’s premiere, we’re happy to report the character’s wardrobe is full of looks we’d happily wear this very day.

A lightweight knit layered beneath a spaghetti-strap dress? Totally. A structured skirt suit in a statement color? Yes, please. When we’re finally dressing for something other than couch hangs and WFH days, Rachel’s enduring style will be right there waiting. Until then, we’ll be bingeing Friends and getting nostalgic on some of the best Rachel Green style moments ever ahead.

Offbeat Outerwear

This eye-catching look makes another strong case for animal-print outerwear, and Rachel got behind the cow-print trend long before Instagram It girls signed off on the Western-inspired design. Topping it off with gold bangles, square-toe boots, and a thigh-high slit, Rachel’s style sensibilities were incredibly bold here, as proven by that red leopard-print clutch. Mixed prints? We do love to see it.

Jeans and T-shirt

No outfit stands the test of your time quite a sort of a white tee and jeans, and this baby tee and straight-leg denim may be a suitable WFH look, which will cause you to feel as if you’re going somewhere when you’re not.

Statement Blazer

Rachel’s style usually leaned more casual, but she knew how to rock an influence suit or a structured blazer. Give your oversized black blazer an opportunity and reach for stripes, florals, and animal print this spring—taking Rachel’s leopard-print jacket as inspiration.

The Dad Shirt

When Rachel wasn’t snatching our wigs with statement bags and masterfully crafted updos, she was letting her hair down in looks that skew more masculine, like this Hawaiian-shirt-and-cargo-pants look. 

A relaxed short-sleeve button-down (aka dad shirt) may be a handy layering piece for decent summer days. Everybody from Kendall Jenner to Emily Ratajkowski has worn carpenter pants as a lightweight staple to offset a barely-there tank.

Prim and Preppy

And when Rachel meant business, her prep game was A++. Just take this mosstone turtleneck tank and pencil skirt, for instance. The lines are clean and classic, and therefore the green hue is at the highest of the trends list today. Style this look with low-top sneakers for daytime, or edge it up with the Dr. Martens boots editors and celebrities can’t stop wearing.

Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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