Radical new Galaxy Buds+designs leaked

Samsung is working on a true wireless earphones that are shaped quite uniquely. These may be launched with Galaxy Note 20.

A notable Samsung insider has uploaded what could be Samsung’s next generation of Galaxy Buds. Similar to most wire earphones, Samsung’s previous generation’s design had an in-ear setup that is uncomfortable to the ears after 1 to 2 hours of usage.

The new buds have been codenamed as the “bean,” which is a nod to the new design of the earphones.

Unique Design

The new buds have a kidney bean shape that follows the curvature of the natural inner cavity of our ears. Samsung has opted for a driver that does not have to push in the canal of the ears.

Instead, Samsung designed the driver in such a way that it fires directly towards the ear canal without having the in-ear feature. The only downside to this implementation is that the physical ambient lockout of sounds is lessened.

Nevertheless, the downside of the ambient noise cancel is well compensated for because the bean-shaped buds may now be worn for a longer period of time without pain on the ears.

Triple Microphones

The buds are also reported to have triple microphones. This will, then, increase the capacity of the earbuds to capture clearer messages from voice calls.

With the additional microphones, the buds will have an increased sensitivity to block out ambient sounds during voice calls.

The other details for the buds aren’t clear yet, but the bean shape design of the buds will make it measure less than 1 inch in length. For the small space that it will fit in inside its users’ ears, having less than 1 inch in measurement will make the buds significantly more comfortable to use.

Wireless Charging on the buds

The details regarding the battery pack on the buds are still undisclosed. What is clear is that the earbuds are capable of wireless charging.

This is another welcome addition to wireless earphones as there is no need for them to be placed inside their casings for them to be charged.

Provided that everything goes smoothly as planned, these buds may be released alongside the launch of the Galaxy Note 20.

Everything related to the launch will depend on the availability of the movement in the supply chain. Hopes for an on-time launch is bleak as the COVID-19 epidemic has paralyzed most movements across countries.

Those hoping to get their hands on the new bean-shaped buds may have to wait a few more months longer.

Images used courtesy of MobileTechReview/YouTube Screenshot

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