Raid Battle has come to ‘Pokemon Trading Card Game’

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Raid battle is a feature that is to both Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon GO. But another game in the franchise is sharing with the fun as it gets its own rendition of raid battles. As surprising as it might sound, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is indeed getting its own raid battle.

True to raid battle fashion as seen from the said games, the same feature will have TCG players battling a beefy opponent. But this new feature in TCG lends more ideas from Pokemon Sword and Shield due to certain similarities.

Tough Boss Fights

One specifically is the state of the Pokemon that will play as the boss in the raid. Basically a Gigantamaxed/Dynamaxed version, the boss fight has players fighting a formidable opponent with high HP and capable of multiple turns per round.

The idea essentially goes in stark contrast with Pokemon GO, which has yet to introduce the concept of Gigantamaxing or Dynamaxing.

Considering that the said boss is battling against four players, the ability to attack many times per turn makes for a balancing act. As such, making each Raid Battle a not-so-definite win every single time. Or even if so, at least, hard-won.

Specially Designed Feature

Although it shares a similar theme with its siblings, TCG is a completely different game. Thus, its own version of the raid battle is also tailor-made to suit its uniqueness.

Unlike its siblings that force each participant to a single Pokemon, TCG gives each player option for two cards for the event. One card sits on the active slot while the other sitting behind at the bench.

To determine the raid boss’ level, it takes the tally of four of the most powerful attacks from the available cards. Depending on the sum, players can either be fighting against a level 1, 2, or 3 raid boss.

However, if the total is lower than 250, this makes the entire party too weak to even battle a level 1 raid boss. Like most successful raid battles, the idea is to set up a strong party that guarantees win against bosses.

Visit the Official Page

There are also other pivotal factors in TCG’s raid battles aside from merely dishing out damage and withstanding boss attacks. The overall mechanics of which The Pokemon Company has detailed in a video, giving incite on how to play the game.

To get more comprehensive information in Pokemon Trading Card Game’s exciting new feature, check out the official page.

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokemon YouTube channel/YouTube Screenshot

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