‘Rail Romanesque’ Season 2 Update: Suzushiro’s return now confirmed

Rail Romanesque Season 2

Fans will once again see Suzushiro and the rest of the gang return in Rail Romanesque Season 2. The anime dropped the latest details about the anime’s return.

Rail Romanesque Season 2 will continue the story about the locomotives and railords, taking fans on a long journey on trains. Viewers will continuously see a lot of beautiful sceneries and new trips, filling its five-minute run with a lot of surprises.

The new season details

The new season will see the coming of a new character, named Kaniko. This role will be based on the C11202 steam locomotive, and it is set to add more cuteness to the series.

Rie Tanaka will voice the character of Kaniko, per Epic Dope. The 41-year-old star has voiced different anime characters in the past, like Akira Yamamoto in Star Blazers 2199 and 2202.

Other stars that will be part of the series are Sumire Uesaka as Suzushiro, Aya Uchida as Ran, Aya Suzaki as Kiko, and Ai Furihata as Iyo.

Tomoyo Kurosawa will join the anime as Akari, Yurika Kubo as Kiiko, Mai Nagai as Kakaa, Tenchin as Shirogane, and Ayaka Igasaki as Suika.

The anime series’ game versions

Rail Romanesque is based on the novel Maitestsu by Lose for mature readers. This title also has into a video game version for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch called Maitetsu: Pure Stallion.

However, its publishers, Views and Circle Entertainment, have made a child-friendly version that everybody can play.

Sekai Games also published the same game on Steam, but it is also an all-ages censored versionCrunchyroll noted.

On the other hand, the game version will see the players taken to a new world. Here, the railroads are the “most convenient and popular means of transport.”

However, here locomotives match with humanoid modules, called Railords.

The storyline

The series features an original storyline, where the lead character, Suzushiro, works hard to organize the first annual Maitestu Festival.

Here, the railords from different places around the world gather together to join the Railord Summit. They all aim to network and share every knowledge they have with others to revive the depressed local economies.

The first season of the series dropped on Oct. 2, composed of 12 episodes that only ran for five minutes each. It aired on both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Setta handled the anime’s animation, although it remains to be seen if it will continue handling Rail Romanesque Season 2. On the other hand, its official release date is also yet to be revealed.

Featured image used courtesy of Muse Asia/YouTube Screenshot

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